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Swing cancel time

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I haven't seen much talk on this so that thought I'd start a thread.

First off, I appreciate many of the changes from the new update, though admittedly I have had time to fully test everything. That said, I have noticed that the time a user has to cancel their swing (cancelling a swing mid swing) still feels less than it should be, especially with block delay being removed.

Just curious if others agree or if I am alone on this.
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I agree with your observation. This is one of the biggest changes from Warband that everyone does not seem to talk about a lot. I call it "lack of in-swing feinting". In Warband you were able to stop almost every weapon at any point during its swing except for unbalanced weapons such as a great hammer/axe or maul. In Bannerlord even the smallest weapons such as a short 1h sword are unable to be stopped after about 40% of the swing has completed. Frankly it is very sad! And unrealistic -- for swords at least, as one of the main advantages of using a sword is the ability to stop it and redirect the attack due to its balance and light weight.

As it stands currently, we have characters so limp-wristed they can be carried along by a measly 1 pound sword they swing! Sad!


You can feint untill you hear the swing which is more than enough, a left right late feint combo is so fluid that it looks like a normal swing so i would have to disagree.


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The reason that is is because it was very powerful in the beginning of the beta, and people complained about it. You could cancel swings at any time, even when their animations suggested that they should have long hit your weapon/your shield, allowing you to pull off some ridiculous feints.

I do find the current window to be awkwardly small, though. I can barely find the window for fast weapons at times.


Yes that is the case, but you can't increase the window to cancel attacks without first changing how animations blend with each other, else feints will become insanely strong and will phase through enemies as they used to when the window was larger. Slightly less seamless transitions between canceled attacks will allow for more readable feints, so a larger canceling window and more control over them.
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