SP Sci-Fi SWC: The New Order Edition


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"The New Order of peace has triumphed over the shadowy secrecy of shameful magicians.
The direction of our course is clear.
I will lead the Empire to glories beyond imagining."

- Emperor Palpatine​

A Warband Port of the M&B 1.011 Modification Star Wars Conquest by Swyter and HokieBT. This port uses Diplomacy as base, with major modifications to the codebase (by Seek N Destroy and Khamukkamu).

You can see all of SWC features here: Star Wars Conquest
You can see all of Diplomacy's Features here: Diplomacy

Major Changes to SWC:


  • - Warband Campaign AI, with modifications using Viking Conquest scripts / triggers
    - Diplomacy Features
    - Mercenary Camps by Seek N Destroy
    - Removal of Jedi / Sith troops and items from the game.
    -- Order 66, right? (tbh, it is because I'd like to do Jedi / Sith recruitment and training differently)
    -- You can bring back old SWC version of Force Powers via SWC Test Menu. Same with hiring some Jedi / Sith


  • - Modified Autofiring weapons by ithilienranger & Sebastian
    -- Swap between Semi-Auto / Full-Auto mode
    - Dodge Roll (AI and Player), with cooldown based on Athletics skill
    - Grenades and Rocket Launchers, based on Sebastian and Highlander's code
    - Weapon Stats UI
    - Formations / FormAI v5 by motomataru, modified for Star Wars
    - Experimental Force Powers (can be accessed via SWC Test Menu)
    - Experimental Cover Code (can be tested by fighting on an Imperial Ship)
    - Weapons balanced and tweak to accommodate for autofiring weapons.


  • - Lots of New Assets created by Darth Mongol The Unwise
    - New Assets created by current and former Turmoil Across The Stars devs
    - Revamped old SWC assets
    - New menu backgrounds and images
    - Permission to use some BearForce2 assets (Credit to the whole BF2 team, especially Marko. Other credits below)


Some Videos of Feature Testing:

Other Plans:

  • - Modify the Troop Tree (right now, uses old SWC troop trees)
    - Lore-based Player Force Learning / Training
    - Lore-based Jedi resurrection & Sith Troops
    - More Force Powers (already coded, just not implemented) and AI usage
    - Maybe make some specialized mercs into minor factions.
    - DAC version of Freelancer
    - More improved assets (if time and resources permits)
    - New quests.


  • - Siege scenes are not the best. May just swap out siege scenes to the current land battles.
    - Haven't tested late game.


  • - Swyter for Star Wars Conquest, teaching me how to mod, and all around great guy.
    - HokieBT and the rest of the SWC team.
    - Darth Mongol the Unwise for all the asset creation, testing, and suggestions.
    - DAC Team (Seek N Destroy, Ettenrocal) for the usage of DAC as base
    - Somebody & Diplomacy
    - TLD team esp. Merlkir and InVain
    - Turmoil Across The Stars team for the usage of some assets.
    - Konny for Weapon Balancing
    - Bear Force 2 team, and BF2 Assets by Mark, Weren, SynthLyn-X, Cruor Volt, GothicKnight, Weren.
    - Sebastian indirectly, cause I learned a lot from his BF2 code and how to improve mine.
    - Mat2Rivs for inspiration on how to do force powers.
    - Autolykos for Native Module System Improvements
    - kalarhan for helping me out throughout the years
    - TW Community


2019.06.18 Soft Launch(outdated)


Seek n Destroy

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I endorse the enslavement liberation of Twi'lek females. The mod is nice as well.

Good luck for the soft launch, seemed quite playable from what I've seen  :razz:


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Super neat. Glad to see it come to fruition. We probably should make some sort of announcement on the official SWC ModDB/Twitter/Workshop pages when you are ready. :party:
I like the name, the logo, and the refurbished interface. I know it's heavily based on Diplomacy and it has its own twist, but I feel that this really closes the SWC circle. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I wonder what Vector and the others would think about it. It's certainly more polished than my meager SWC Warband port.
So yeah, neat. I'll have to find some time to properly take a look and experience the scripted force powers.

Pretty amazing when you think about how it all started with galloping speeders (and medieval lightsabers) a few years ago.


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Thanks Swy! Means a lot coming from you :smile:

Seek: Thanks for testing it out and sharing the bugs you found  :grin:

All: Soft launch download link added.

For bugs, just put it in this thread. I'll try to get to it when I can.

Do note that there are a lot of troop and item changes that will come in the future, which might render save games incompatible. Apologies in advance.


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Hey, I just wanted to say this looks great and I fully support this effort! I think it's great that people are still interested in SWC almost 10+ years after the initial release.  It definitely could not have come as far as it has without support from the community and a ton of work from people like Swyter, Vector, and many more over the years.  So I'm excited to see what you and others can do with it. I'll definitely have to install M&B again and check it out, hopefully soon!


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Thanks Hokie! Make sure it is Warband and not M&B 1.011 :grin:

The mod is currently playable in my opinion, so if you'd like to give it a shot, feel free!

BNS Mαrk

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Honestly, this is really, really impressive. Speaking from experience (failure is also experience xd), properly implementing force powers in a Warband SP mod can be incredibly difficult. So nice job on that!

Cannot wait to see where this project is heading next, good luck!
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Anyone wants to try and help in development, join here for interrog... i mean interviewing




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Excellent work Khamukkamu & Co! A lot of intriguing features, I'm especially interested in how far you can take the cover system.


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Really nice, but let me understand this. You removed siths and jedis because they are giving you some problems right now and you plan to fix them for next versions?
Good luck!


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No problems with them. More about me wanting to do it a bit differently from how it was.

IMO, Jedi and Sith should be scarce, and learning about the force should be a bit special.

I have received some suggestions on our discord already and may try to implement them soon.

Stay tuned :smile:


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Noticed a bug when you get ambushed. The ambushers start off neutral to you, and then when you fire on them, you lose rep with the town faction.

Also, does anyone know where to get more protein and carbohydrate packs? So much nicer than buying fifty bags of wheat.

And it's great to see the mod getting updated.


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1. fixed

2. Economic info is something I haven't really worked on yet, so these things might be rare. Not something I am too excited about working on, but it will get done for sure :grin: