MP Sci-Fi SW: Bear Force II - 1.0 Released!

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Hello everyone, 0.35 which was planned for public release had a 200 player test, in which we discovered some minor bugs, that are all fixed for 0.36. 0.36 should go public this Saturday.
Small, public community patch to allow us bigger events, a small breeze of new stuff and revive the public play. Also I should mention all explosives will be removed for now, until we find their crash solution.

Planned release date: Saturday, 5th September.

Changelog said:
(Sebastian) Ranged weapon sounds are now triggered client side only, got rid of the related network traffic.
(Sebastian) Special light saber sounds and all additional agent animations are now triggered once by the server and are automatically synced to all clients by the engine, halved down the related network traffic.
(Sebastian) Implemented hit particle effects(ground, objects, water surface) for light bolts.
(Sebastian) Fixed wrong clothing colors and got rid of the related network traffic.
(Sebastian) Optimized the grenade and scene prop spawning related code.
(Sebastian) The crouch related network traffic has been halved.
(Sebastian) Optimized the force travel and reduced its network traffic.
(Sebastian) Removed and merged a couple of unnecessary multiplayer events and scripts for overall better performance.
(Sebastian) Several minor bug fixes.
(Teun) New map - Hoth Outpost
(Teun)New map - Kashyyk Base
(Sherlock) Added 183 new rock and mountain props(Retextured)
(Sherlock) Reworked bunker collision props, for better firing
(Sherlock) Added new fortification props
(Gothic Knight)DC-15s Carbine
(Gothic Knight)New shotgun.
(Grozni)Fixed the round timer
(Alpha)New map - Rhen Var Station
(Sherlock)Added night(evening) map version of Muunilinst - Road to Harnaidan
(Sherlock)Fixed props missing collision
(Sherlock)Increased flight speed for all bullets
(Sherlock)Retextured some props, made a Ryloth surrounding
(Sherlock)Terrain borders fix
(Sherlock)Reorganized all of the mod's resources for optimization and faster loading times. Implemented DC-15s Carbine
(Sherlock)Removed all admin tools
(Sherlock)Implemented new class marks(Infantry/Archers/Cavalry) to suit the class limits.
(Sherlock)Implemented the Adimi Tools by Gotha, features:
  • Slay all players/Slay a player
  • Slay all bots
  • Slay all horses
  • Set HP for everyone/Set HP for a player. - Choose a value between 0 and 101.(Set HP is used instead of the "Heal" function)
  • Make everyone (im)mortal/Make a player (im)mortal
  • Swap everyone to team 1 or team 2/Swap a player to team 1 or team 2
  • Swap teams
  • Fix everyones shield/Fix a players shield
  • Refill ammunition of everyone/Refill ammunition of a player
  • Print GameIDs
  • Join and Leave messages if anyone joins or leaves the server.  [abbr=Can be turned on/off][/abbr]
  • Drowning  [abbr=Can be turned on/off][/abbr]
  • Mapping Features
  • Sound and animation synchronisation is included
  • Poll Override -Admins can accept or reject the poll. If a poll is initialized a new menu will appear on the right side. If you have voted already you can open the menu manually by pressing (F7)
  • Teleport (teleport to a player... and more)
  • Improved Item Spawn System. The categorys were edited abit and have a new order now. Ecept of that you can now also select all players and you'll get a message if you've selected an invalid player.
  • Un/Mute everyone/a player
  • Admin Chat by pressing U
  • Interner Admin Chat by pressing I
  • Set Gold -You can set everyones gold or the gold of a player to an amount between -1 and 100001.
  • Five automatic server announcements
  • Automatic server announcement  [abbr=Can be turned on/off][/abbr]
  • Every message, which was sent by the server is logged.
  • 5 seconds after map change you'll receive these informations: servername, mapname, admins who are online and the current gamemode.
  • Heal after duel for player and horse(if exist), Fixing the shield anf refilling the ammunition.
  • Crashserver -Starts a countdown at 60 seconds. If the counter reachs -1 the server crashs. An admin can stop the countdown all time of course. !Crash doesn't mean restart!
  • Kicking  [abbr=Can be turned on/off][/abbr]
  • Horses  [abbr=Can be turned on/off][/abbr]
  • Duel armors  [abbr=Can be turned on/off][/abbr]
  • Trooplimiter in % (You can choose between % of the serverslots or current player amount)
  • Admin Levels (Low, Mid and High)
  • By pressing the keys O, P and Alt Gr(Alt right) you can teleport free around the map.
  • Anti straying horses  [abbr=Can be turned on/off][/abbr]
  • 100x Custom Maps
  • A weather system -Could lag or could look worse. Use it if you want. [abbr=Can be turned on/off][/abbr] [abbr=alpha feature][/abbr]
  • Master of the Field flag spawns 2min before end(WNL)[abbr=Can be turned on/off][/abbr]
  • Force spawning without weapons&shields [abbr=Can be turned on/off][/abbr]
  • Spawn Master of the Field flag immediately by pressing a button
  • Admin Speed Modifier [abbr=You need to press ctrl left+alt left + | F8 Walking  | F9 Default running speed | F10 2x default speed | F11 max. running speed. (10x)][/abbr]
  • Chooseable reasons for: Kick, Ban, Mute and Slay [abbr=Excessive Teamkilling, Excessive Teamhitting, Cheating, Delaying, Poll abusing, Disregard of admin instructions, Glitching, Trolling, Clantag abuse, Abusive language, Teamplay, Flaming/Raging, Spamming, Abusive playername, Away from keyboard][/abbr]
  • Reset Map
  • Auto team-switch after a round [abbr=Can be turned on/off][/abbr]
  • Immortal Loop
  • Mute Loop
  • Note for a player -You started to open  the gate.. or You started to close the gate..
(Sherlock) Gun stats rebalance(Old-->New):
DE-10 Blaster pistol:    Frequency(500-->600)

Westar 34 Dual:    Accuracy(300-->550)
Westar 34 Single:        Frequency(400-->550)

KYD-21 Pistol:      Frequency(400-->500)
E-5 Blaster:
E-5 Blaster(Aim)
DC-15 Blaster
DC-15 Blaster(Aim)
DC-15s Blaster
DC-15s Blaster(Aim)

Z-7 Rotary
(Sherlock)Other minor changes, as suggested:
- Acolytes instead of Sith now
- Some spelling corrections



Section Moderator
Hello gentlemen, today is release day.

I want to announce the time, and also the public event today as well as several more things.

Expected release time: 17:00 GMT.
Mirrors we will upload it on: ModDB(.exe installer), Mediafire(.exe and .rar), MEGA(.exe and .rar), Dropbox(.exe).
We also hired an official server to keep things going. All services provided by Beyond Servers.

Public event: 19:00 GMT, Official server.
You can also join the teamspeak on this IP(Once the time has come):

I hope to see you all on the battlefield  :smile:


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Extremely sorry for the multi-posting but...
ModDB download(.exe):

Alternative mirrors(.exe):!9dlDwC7I!dRPyuoyynxq3_ZdXBUYZa9uDtKoLXeAGF7nE0SelrGI
Alternative mirrors(.rar):!GQYVDILB!toHeVS-xxaAvb3SN-MYzyki9nXobM-gajbhAaDDohRc
Alternative mirrors(.zip):!7URnjaLT!9YcGgN6DEEB6JkLGqsTcp4NrEBwzf2gFmXhiheLon7Y

Public event: 7 GMT


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I wouldn't really say so, it's far more annoying when you enter in a server with 50 people, and 80% are Jedi/Sith.


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Sherlock Holmes said:
I wouldn't really say so, it's far more annoying when you enter in a server with 50 people, and 80% are Jedi/Sith.

Though I agree it also makes playing with just a few people quite dull.


NightHawkreal said:
And what do you expect?  Jedi is the best and most battle-worthy class. Of course, no one wants to play as a simple and weak droid

I would consider playing droid if they still had grenades or a "Roger Roger" emote  :grin:

Sherlock Holmes said:
I wouldn't really say so, it's far more annoying when you enter in a server with 50 people, and 80% are Jedi/Sith.

Enjoy playing in empty class-limited servers


Hello Bear Force Community.

I was told that guys from my clan (Terrorists, فثققخقهسفخ) have been banned for nothing. They dont know why, I dont know why as well. I don't like when my boys get angry, because games should give people some relax and friendly atmosphere! They are really pissed off. And so I am beacuse of your weird policy.

Im writin' here to please you to stop abusin our race n culture. Just give us possibility to develop our clan traditions and let us feel some fulfillment after destroyin our oponnents.

Terrorists unfairly banned:
- Terrorist_Abdullah_Azzan
- Terrorist_Ali

Thank you, Terrorist_Tarfah, Mecca, 2015

شممشا شنلاشق !


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I don't recall a server that hasn't banned you for your teamkilling and teamhitting. Although now that detonation packs are temporarily out, you might be disappointed. You were given temporary bans, they will expire soon.

I'm watching you.
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