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Surgeon in Army

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How come my surgeons level and perks don't apply to members of my army? I have a kingdom, 2 companions that lead parties and they are both in my army now, but whenever I engage any enemies with them, I have way less casualties than my companions. My surgeon has the doctor's oath perk, so even the enemy we engage has a better killed/wounded ratio than them, what the hell is up with that? Why do my surgeons perks not affect members of my own army, especially if they are also members of my own clan? Shouldn't the surgeon with the highest level in the army attend to all parties within the army or at least the doctor's oath perk apply to all parties present on the battlefield, foe AND friend?


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Because that would be useful and reasonable, so it simply can't be so. I leave my family all as governors (cept sister.... *** you aitheen lol)because yeah, they gonna die sooner or later if you let them fight. I even got the 250 leadership but it just goes to waste because it's just not worth even bothering to make parties from disposable wanderers... except for when I had to... to get the leadership...that I don't use...it's vicious cycle.

I think it would be good to use the highest skill of the allied side, but also let each leader still gain skill, like they're all working together to save troops.
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