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Sun on the Horizon in Battle Scenes

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This is an old thing from Warband that always irritated me: some scenes had the sun on the horizon, and the opposing force right below it. No one wants to have to look into the sun in a fight. That's an obvious and old trick. My suggestion is to have the spawn points for scenes like this determined by the tactics scores of the combatants so that I never again need to look into the sun as I fight looters.


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From the creators of " Too many trees in the woods " it comes: Sun on the horizon :iamamoron:


One question, have you tried to flank the enemy and make them rotate? :iamamoron:
From the creators of " Too many trees in the woods " it comes: Sun on the horizon

I think the problem is not the sun on the horizon,I like this as it is historically relevant, but the extra inconvenience when fighting a looter band for the 100th time.
I personally don’t like to fight at night because the graphics look worse, while the graphics in the morning and afternoon look beautiful. For battles where I want to join I always wait for the right time before engaging.

I do like the idea of having The tactics skill be imported for the positioning of the army, this has to tie in with the new battle terrain system. So I think the positioning has to be determined on the world map
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