'Sumpter horse inequippable'

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Just got a companion with low riding stats. She can only saddle a sumpter horse. But when I try to give her one, it says what it says in the title, and does not allow me to give her the horse.

How tf else are we supposed to let them gain riding skill then?

This is 1.6.4 btw.


http://prntscr.com/1wbqa41 same here. http://prntscr.com/1wbsy7v Level 4 riding skill, about a dozen other family/companions can ride sumpter horses, but this one can't. Although...I just tried changing others to a sumpter horses and can't now. Only recent change of significance is that I changed to level 5 clan fairly recently. I wonder if that has something to do with it?


glad to hear this is being addressed. Turning companions into captains of cavalry can be quite difficult.

while mules not being ridable would be find a trainer horse is necessary.
The dev said 'We're aware. It's going to be addressed.'

That does not mean the same thing as 'It's going to be fixed.'

Is it going to be fixed?


From other discussions, it looks like they're going to make Saddle Horses rideable without any horse riding skill. Hopefully they also make Saddle Horses more numerous at game start, because currently, it's harder to find one than to find bows that require no skill level.
Can anyone give me a link that contains an official TW response to this problem. Something that is not third-party hearsay. I can't find one.



Well, this was interesting. I looked in my inventory and had a Pureblood horse there. I assume I got it at some point recently because of the Beast Whisperer skill perk (I don't have the Breeder perk). this horse has no riding requirements and I was able to have Mariwyn ride it. I don't generally like to give NPCs, particularly companions fast horses as it tends to get them killed faster. But I'll have her ride it until she gets enough skill level (10?) to switch to a regular horse.

After typing the above I realized the Battanian Pony I 'found' earlier also has no riding requirements. Its stats are different from a regular Battanian Pony (I sort of assume this is unintentional). This will work better...

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