Summary of my first playthrough, thoughts and suggestions for modders and Taleworlds

Do you agree that there is a snowball problem with factions?

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So i have played for 25 hours and i wanted to tell you guys how the factions developed in my game because i believe there are some issues that need to be addressed.

Anyways, the way i like to play Warband is in first place not to get into any faction and spend a lot time just developing my character, earning money and improving my party, just going for tournaments, trading, killing bandits and leveling, doing quests... Then when i feel ready i get into what we all know. In any case I did the same thing in Bannerlord and around 200 days I joined Vlandia. In those 200 days, which is not a very long time, the sturgians were massacred by Vlandia and then by the northern empire and a little bit by Khuzait. Sometime later the Western Empire just went full genocide and slaughtered the other two empires and ended up having a vast territory, troops and lords, and Vlandia, we were strong as **** too, but we got both into war with them when we were like 7000 vlandians vs 8000 western empire, we kinda lost, but their numbers really wasnt like that because they had just got out of their genocide run on the other two empires, so when they had a little bit of peace they just went up to 11000 men. And from that moment the campaign had pretty much ended because no one could beat them, I did my best there and took a few hundreds but they just snowballed too much and at this point on day 400 you could add up all the remaining factions soldiers vs the Western Empire and they would win, now they havel like 14000. So I just quitted, because it was just a matter of time, because the AI of all the other factions isnt going to coordinate to take them down, so its just an agonizing road.

That was the summary of my game, now things i noticed and suggestions:

1- For me, even without even considering they way i like to play my early game, time passes way too fast, the days should last longer which could be done with a mod and i dont think it should be really hard to do it I guess, but i dont know.

2- This time the AI does some kind of good campaign choices, they are effective in war and they dont lose so much time like they did in Warband. In Warband they would gather to conquer one city and maybe one castle, and then just leave and keep patrolling their territories, so it continued like a few clashes of lords here and there but nothing relevant, and then peace. Back then i hated how dumb they were, but now they are too good so now they just conquer like crazy and basically make a snowball and thats how the Sturgians were wiped out and later everyone else by the Western Empire. The AI should behave a little bit more passively or defensive, 200 days its not a long time and a major faction had disappeared, not cool gameplay wise. This requires some solution from Taleworlds, because the way i see the game right now it will always end up with a big ass faction ruling everyone else by turn 500-600 and being absolutely unbeatable by that point.

3- For some reason during the war with the Western Empire i noticed that we, vlandians, had a lot of lords defecting, it happened only in war, in peace time things were calm, but if wars are so optimized on the hands of the AI and lords and armies are the fuel of the war, then there should be a few mechanics trying to keep balance between major factions, because the only way that the empire got that insane number of soldiers its because they have an insane number of lords. So defecting lords should be distributed in a way that compensates major factions that are decaying in that moment, and a few to the minor factions, all of this in order to keep balanced the game and allow a long term game, otherwise its gonna be 500-600 days and that's pretty much it. And deying someone who wanted to play with Sturgia from being able to play with them by day 200 its not good for the experience of the game. Sure, factions die and stuff, but a major faction shouldnt at day 200.

4- To finish, a bug, In my whole game i havent seen a bloody good armor to buy in any town except in one town of the Empire, Im vlandian and i want a vlandia heavy armor, where are they?¿¿?¿?= get it fixed pls.

Gotta say these 25 hours were amazing, 9/10 which for an Early Access that has been just released its a good thing, there are bugs, cavalry AI its retarded in tournaments, also I would like that tournament prizes changed more, but the most important thing, make AI chill, they are too good at war, which proves that you guys made a pretty good AI, but its hurting the gameplay experience, balancing is needed and could be fixed just by manipulating a little bit the lords defections in order to improve the experience,

Also, I miss a viable way to train troops without being in combat, you know, the training Warband perk. Need something more like that, i find myself disbanding recruits and just recruiting new guys too often

Tomorrow I will make another campaign, im gonna go with Vlandia since day 1, just rushing my way to become lord and get my faction going well as early as possible. Will tell in two days how it goes if it interests you guys or if I notice something important that should be addressed. I believe we all should share our campaign experiences because its good feedback for Taleworlds, so tell me yours down here in the comments.
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