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I would like to give you some of my ideas that can diversify the game with a better experience.

Tournaments ~ I think that an interesting idea and at the same time as balancing tournaments may be to introduce the same armor for all participants. For example, Battania could have armor typical of their culture, and Vlandia could have a tunic known from previous games (Warband). Wooden weapons may also be a good idea. The strange thing is that we use weapons that cause a lot of blood, which shouldn't be the case because this isn't the Colosseum of ancient Rome.

Love ~ Don't you think that love sometimes has to be fought for? Especially in times like these in the game. My idea is to improve your pick-ups for your future partners by competing with other lords. If we are seeking the hand of a certain lady and a lord is also planning the same thing, maybe we could introduce duels? You can also improve your marriage based on your partner's character type. If we have someone ambitious and we would like to acquire new properties, this person could betray us. If we have a partner who is a typical warrior, we can set an example that if we often lose battles or fight little, he may divorce us or cheat on us with another person.

The system of acquiring a partner is quite simple because it depends on choosing good dialogues. Maybe add some difficulty? For example, the clan father or its ruler could set conditions for us to meet in order to marry his child, even if the child loves us. We can add some tasks related to future partners to the dialogues. for example, an intelligent or charismatic person may want to hear a poem that we can learn from the inn or from our companions. A partner who is treacherous and evil to the core may want us to kill someone (the lord) or enslave him.

These are all the ideas I have for now.
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