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El Matador de onca

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I believe that you could bring a navigation system and with new kingdoms like the kingdoms of england or frankia but the map would not be fully visible only with the evolution with ships and with a choice (example choosing whether to go right or left and depending on the side who choose you will go to the kingdom but of course having the opportunity to return) There could also be a system where if you have a village you can evolve it it is to put defenses and defense strategies. There could be a system for soldiers to take weapons and shields from invaded cities and civil war

thanks for listening !

Hello developers, I hope you are well! I would like to give you some tips. Add Frankish kingdoms among others with a navigation system, civil uprisings with wars, and also the improvement of cities to become castles.also with the evolution of the soldiers or dominations of other kingdoms they would take enhanced weapons from those kingdoms
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Thank u my friend for your sincerest suggestions, I'm not a developer but If I were one of them I would write here to thank you
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