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Bug reports :

* Random War / Random Peace
* Crash on porpose peace to Aserai NPCs or sometimes choose conversations
* Siege tower ladders are bug , all NPCs can't go up with all three ladders in same time / regular ladders bug too _ Soldiers will stuck down ladders
* Consipracy quests bugs / repeat failed and ask again and again
* Can't gives order to our clan leaders / They leave army auto or leave kingdom auto
* Enemy and friendly soldiers stuck and bugs somewhere on castle walls / under castle walls / City walls
* Game crash on snowy castles sometimes and get map error / nights are too dark for player and few of snowy castles too white
* Few of cities are bug on objects mostly behind of those cities
* After loading saves and maps / load battles / load conversation with NPCs - game is too much laggy for few minutes
* Long loadings yet
* after finishing main story quests , getting victory message several time again and again it's really annoying

Suggestion scenes :

* A lot of battles to the end of the singleplayer storyline / but only few contents , game need more content like more trading contents or farming or managing kingdom dominion like listening to peasants and lords issues ...
* as a player need more control option in kingdom/clan pannels / like give order to my clan leaders and my companies which are far from
party like sending letter or ...
* after 800 days ingame and lvl up my engineering skills , still sieging time is long and building catapult timing is long too and it's hard to make a way to destroy enemy defenders catapults

Suggestion Items :

* Several crowns for different faction lords / kings
* Horse harness Cloth with own flag on that , like knight horses harness
* Faction flag
* in future Elephant should be nice for Aserai mounts
* Weapons and armors are best , but making more variety on two handed polearm like long axe in polearm category , two handed sword should be nice

Game version e1.0.11 Beta hotfix

System :
GPU : Asus 960 GTX Turbo 4gb 128bit / 12gb RAM boss 2400-2144 / CPU intel 7700 core i7 kabylake _ win 10 64 bit
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