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Greetings! I've been playing the mod for sometime and I found it very fun and well made. In this post, I'm gonna make some suggestions about things that I think should be improved or would be nice if added to the mod. Here is the list:
      - An option to train as a gladiator (maybe for the commoners)
      - A proper combat arena (perhaps a mini colosseum)
      - More banks around the map
      - War chariots (for the use of chariot archers for example)
      - An option to request a pool to change the faction's government system, being able to choose a republic (with the senators, etc) or an elder council (in this systems the decisions of the realm, like declaring war, changing factions name and banner, kicking a player, etc, would pass through a pool where all the senators or elders must vote)
      - Togas
I can't think of any other suggestion at the momment, but I will keep updating the topic with other ideas. Please feel free to post your own. As I said, the mod is awesome, congratulations for the developers! Thanks!
A thread with a list of the admins for the EU and NA servers.
Separate NA and EU areas for organizations somehow. Child boards perhaps.
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