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to Sunhawken
Good point  :wink:

to Morgoth2005
I change title after maybe next verions, i think title was DARK AGES : TOTAL WAR , in medieval setting , 13-14 century , Evrope, Middle East , Egypt, North Africa , Rus' ( see map in progress tread) Strategy-Tactics-RPG  :razz:  :lol:


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This is jousting:

Come to think of it, it's in Janus' arena mod.


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It is, but you will have to ask maw, since he is the only person so far, not even Janus to actually update the mod for .808, although the shield problem still exists.


I'd like to see merchants in villages, and more lightly guarded villages.

When you're all the way to the east/north, it's quite annoying traveling all the way to Reyvadin to sell. A possibility to recruit in Villages would be nice as well.

EDIT: In sieges, if the attackers could actually rush the "ladder" with infantry, regardless of how much they are attacked, it would be nice. Having ranged to attack while they do this, and perhaps people with shield walking in the front, making defending harder.
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