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YourStepDad said:
they actually do. :wink:

..except flandrian guards, they look silly.

Okey, great  :smile: (I wait for 2.2 so i don`t have it installed yet=couldn`t check it my own)
About Flandrian guards.. I conguer them before i have time to see any guards!

Ulrich von Liechtenstein

Sergeant at Arms
Ruler of Calradia said:
Not sure if its already like this.. But all guards inside castle(s) should have full plated knight, or better, like this:

(not 100% same armor, but that looks NICE)

It would look nice when lord`s closest guards wear his symbol, instead of being fresh recruits

This 14th century  :shock:
True, but transitional armor exists in your mod too :wink:

fully plated guards should protect the lord, and like I said, they do, except Flandrian guards. :razz:


Well I havent played any version since 2.2 so maybe its already pointless to suggest but flemmish army was composed of some armoured javelinmen in that version mostly. Why dont they have proper pikemen like the Swiss?

Javelins themselvess look strange at best in this mod, especially with the ability to kill someone in steel armour in one hit. :twisted:
Dejawolf's pack has some of the best looking helmets out there, and there are many helmets that would fit this period.

It has definitely the best looking barbutes and gothic helmets around, among other amazing helmets. It's open source for everyone to use so it wouldn't be a problem.


not sure if this is possible but is there a way to change the bandit hideouts to somthing like a stake camp or an abandoned fort i just dont like the native ones since the pathfinding is screwy with enemies spawning every witch way
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