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I'm opening a suggestion thread since this mod's subforum lacks one, and since I have high hopes and many (rather small) suggestions for this mod.

Post your suggestions here :wink:

P.S. Please tick & bold this thread Ulrich, thanks. :smile:
Now, it's no secret that this is probably my favorite mod, in fact, it should be pretty darn obvious. However it's not perfect...yet. :grin:
I will start giving out suggestions, from what I think is the most important, followed by my favorites, followed by game annoyances, followed by optional stuff.
Now I'd like to point out that this is merely my opinion and what I think. What's going to be added is up to our dear geniuses who work hard on this mod. :wink:

- Fix the clothes as well as some hats. You're on the right track here, clothes in the last few screenshots you posted looked freaking amazing. Just keep it up, but remove or improve clothes such as these:

As you can see, his tunic is simply ugly and out of place, but surprisingly, that's not the worst one
This however is, it looks like he's wearing a piece of paper with the buttons and everything just drawn on top of it. On top of that, you can clearly see how parts of the texture are a blurry mess, now, imagine having several of those in a tavern. Same model with poor textures tacked on. Even his hat looks pretty bad, not to mention the pants..
Now this one, he actually looks damn good. Truly looks like a merchant. A little improvement on the textures and he would be perfect
In conclusion, the civillian clothes DEFINITELY need more variety, better models and better textures.

- When attacking a caravan, there should be a visible caravan on the map. a few carriages, donkeys, horses, whatever, just as long as it is there.  If possible, make the AI stick to the caravan, not charge at you. you absolutely MUST add this. It makes plundering caravans so much more enjoyable.

- Bring back the Peasants such as those in my signature. I love how you've done the recruits, they are extremely detailed and realistic, but even in that period, peasants were largely part of any army. Just like before, peasants were expected to bring their own equipment. Make it so that they use clubs and pitchforks, and of course, can be upgraded to recruits just like those we have right now.(though perhaps recruits shouldn't be given a sword, otherwise they are perfect) In short, add recruits, but keep the peasants.

- Integrate Freelancer. I know you said this isn't possible yet, and that's fine, but freelancer was MADE for Medieval Western Europe. Think about it, being an archer, or a firing your crossbow and hiding behind a pavise, fighting the frogs as a common soldier, and all that  in some lord's army.

- Ability to continue viewing the battle after you have been killed. I think this should be very easy to add. Any great mod must have it. :smile:

- Better arrows mod. Not sure what's it exact name, but it makes the arrows look like arrows during the flight, instead of blurry black blobs, certainly sound like a small thing, but trust me, after you try it, you will refuse to go back. :smile: Also an absolute must for any larger mod. Very small mod, even I could add it manually, I can't find the files for download anywhere though. I'll have to ask around.

- Appropriate Texts That's being worked on, by me! :mrgreen: Not to mention It's already done for 2.2 :wink:

That's it for the must haves, now onto the stuff I'd really like to see, but it's not mandatory as the "must haves".

- Certain Swords lacks scabbards, and some don't even appear on the player at all. The game could use a bit more of the regular, not too decorated longswords. The only one that is there does not appear on the player when worn(meaning, neither the scabbard nor the sword show up.) The name of the sword is just " Sword " Some of the swords have inappropriate scabbards, meaning the scabbard is too thin, and longsword is of regular size.

This should be fixed as the next patch will be fully 1.143 compatible, right? :smile: Still, add a regular longsword or two.

- The game could also use some chainmail, on mercenaries at least, and bring back some of the regular crossbows such as these: (yes, they're from the fifteenth century :smile:)

- " More Metal Sounds " mod would fit perfectly for any mod. I consider it a must have. It's an open source and can be installed separately on any mod, so it shouldn't be a problem to add. I have it on my Knights the Last Battle v. 2.2.

- Cannons and Music - Being added in 2.3, right?

Now on to the annoyances, bugs that need fixing and optional stuff:

- "Rober of Outlaws was defeated in battle but managed to escape"
That always keeps popping up. I don't even think the game shows the names of defeated lords whatsoever.

- Instead of the name "France footman" and "Town London" it should be French Footman, and simply - London.
I'll take care of this. :mrgreen:

- I don't know if it's possible, but crossbowsmen and pikemen should be able to run like before, though I'm not saying you should remove the new animations, they look badass. We should simply be able to order them to walk or run(should have been in Warband in the first place. :razz:) This is not necessary, but would be most welcome.

- This particular village picture looks ugly, and should be replaced by something else:

- Main loading screen picture looks stunning, but it would be great if the quality was a little better. Also, the "Knights the last battle" in a green font looks a bit out of place.

- Main Menu picture could definitely use something of higher quality, as well as the esc menu picture.

- - remove the starting find your brother quest

- I have two suggestions for troops. England should have Billmen, and Crossbowmen should be upgraded to Arbalests. Also add Freelance Knights(as bandits) unless Freelance Barons are the said knights. Then you're good. :razz:

And that, ladies and mentlegen, is it. :smile:

This is open source I think, however only Swadian and Vaegir towns are done. Since Ktlb is based on western architecture only, (as is swadia), I think you'll love this and it would fit perfectly. I mean just look at it.  :shock:
Here's the link:,56440.0.html

Spoilered. Read this post later. For now, read and respond only to my second post please :smile:

What I think you could add in the next patch:

A visible carriage when you attack a caravan - You haven't responded before, have you added this already?

More Metal Sounds - an open source mod, I could add it myself, but it would replace the awesome voices your mod has. Please make it work and coexist with your current voices. It was absolutely made for 15th century warfare. The clashing of steel is perfect. I'm playing the Hundred Years War mod with it, and it even sounds better than in the video, an absolute must have:

Training Fields by lucky lancer, improves the empty training fields, incredibly easy to install and compatible with anything Here are some Knights the Last Battle screenshots taken by me:

Flying missile pack by James - I added this to my game and made a few videos to show you the difference. I still have to upload them though, here's the download link:
Put it in 480p and pay close attention to the flying missiles. I'm sorry if the quality is giving you a hard time. IT should be good enough though.


Unsure if this can be added, but do check 'em out:
Add peasants as units, similar to those in my Knights the last Battle signature. I don't know if this can be done in the next patch, but other things sure can. :smile:

Something kinda exactly like this:

And check this out, TweakMB Allows battle continuation, among other things.

Ulrich von Liechtenstein

Sergeant at Arms
Transport carts will not be.

The use of different additives sounds and scenes can do themselves.

Free camera after the death of the hero, is included.

Siege guns are good when there is destruction of the walls.
It is impossible to destroy objects in the game Mount & Blade.

I modified the Polished Landscapes, increased game performance.
Thank you for your answers, and what about More Metal Sounds, Flying missile pack and Training Fields?

They are open source mods and can be added without much pain, especially Training Fields, though for More Metal Sounds you would have to make adjustments, since otherwise they would replace your death sounds and soldier's voices.

In other words, I can't do it. You can. :smile:

"Transport carts will not be." I did not actually mean carts that transport, but a cart that just stands there on the map when you attack a caravan. It would behave like a building and look pretty, adding immensely to the atmosphere. Brytenwalda has done it, sadly I don't have it installed so I can't post screens.

I want to improve upon local rumors, meaning I want to replace them with completely new ones that are actually fun. Does anyone have any idea where are those located?  And the post character creation menu: "you traveled across hot deserts and finally ended up in the xxx town." No. I want something suitable to West European setting.



I am sorry that long didn't answer, but better late than never
The game engine don't allows to destroy objects. Silly looks when cannons shoot and  don't cause visual damage.
By the way We didn't like behavior of bots with cannons (If I was correctly expressed :smile:  )
About sounds - You are able to do it by yourself but we don't bear responsibility,who has a desire - can change it itself

Well it's a suggestion, I think you should add More Metal Sounds because they fit perfectly with the period. I can use them, but then I would replace the awesome voices and grunts the soldiers in your mod have, and I don't want that. :smile:

Anyway, as for my caravan suggestions, I took time to picture a few screenshots from Brytenwalda, to show you what it actually looks like:




It's just two custom scenes with a few trees, a hill and a few horse & carriage models. One foresty and one for the hills. Shouldn't be too hard to implement.  :smile:

Edit, also a must have for this Knights the Last Battle, deployable pavise mod. It's open source, but I think you should make every pavise in the game deployable. :smile:

Don't you get tired at looking at the exact same plain scenes as well?

Come on, I'd very much like to see that in the mod, that was one of things I wanted this mod to have the most.

As for the scene variation, you can make them different, if nothing, make one exact same but with snowy trees & ground or something. I'm sure it would play out nicely.
Perhaps optional "no-guns" sub-mod?
I like to play game with shiny armored knights, but guns just ruin the feeling for me.. Guns just always ruin medieval feeling from me.. It should either have only guns (18th century and Napoleonic era, no 20th century, it sucks (unless first person shooter))
And perhaps the option could be in-game, so you wouldnt have to re-install it every time! Like in mod options

Thanx  :smile:
The guns are kept literally at minimum. I don't see how they could ruin your experience. there are a few troops with guns, and they are never numerous, and finding a gun to buy is a pain in the arse.

I like this medieval period probably the most because it has so much diversity =  plate,  claymores, halberds, pikes, arbalests, sexiest selection of helmets and yes, the medieval guns, along with the rest of your medieval equipment you're already used to. I like medieval guns, but I don't like them to dominate the battlefield, which they don't. at all.  In this period, guns were rather rare and innacurate, so no, you shouldn't even feel them. You probably won't even find them unless you train gunmen yourself.
YourStepDad said:
The guns are kept literally at minimum. I don't see how they could ruin your experience. there are a few troops with guns, and they are never numerous, and finding a gun to buy is a pain in the arse.

I like this medieval period probably the most because it has so much diversity =  plate,  claymores, halberds, pikes, arbalests, sexiest selection of helmets and yes, the medieval guns, along with the rest of your medieval equipment you're already used to. I like medieval guns, but I don't like them to dominate the battlefield, which they don't. at all.  In this period, guns were rather rare and innacurate, so no, you shouldn't even feel them. You probably won't even find them unless you train gunmen yourself.

Okey, good  :smile: I wait for next patch(I play Hundred yers war now, it don`t have newest mini-mods, but its still good), so I don`t remember what kind of mod was.
Ulrich von Liechtenstein said:
We are looking for more pictures of our period





Reloading video


Not that useful since most of the stuff is in the game, and I am not which nation this armor belongs to. Most likely France.

There are many details here though, hope you can find it useful :wink:
Now, here is a big complaint/suggestion

I think you should start equipping troops manually before adding new models. There are more than enough examples of troops being equipped wrong.

First and foremost, what I mentioned before; choosing hunter/poacher as a backstory gives you totally wrong equipment:
(Notice the high end arrows, but I'll get to that later)
I think if starting out as a game poacher your equipment should be something like this:
Or even better;
Instead of getting poorman's arrows he gets the best ones, the arrows of English longbowmen/yeomanry:
And the yeomanry and longbowmen, instead of getting a proper quiver, get the cheapest imaginable substitute for a quiver:
This is actually alright and historically accurate, but there is a brown version without the decorations that could go perfect for a starting quiver, or perhaps, return this quiver and equip it to the hunters:
While we're still at arrows, replace this quiver with a better looking one.
The remaining units that have a flaw in equipment:
Not sure if its already like this.. But all guards inside castle(s) should have full plated knight, or better, like this:

(not 100% same armor, but that looks NICE)

It would look nice when lord`s closest guards wear his symbol, instead of being fresh recruits
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