Suggestions to make sieges better and more like a real siege.

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I play on 100% damage for my soldiers. And best AI(Challangeing).
Yet it's way to easy to attack cities and castles and it is just a battle and not a real siege.
Current state of the game is that engineering skill does not matter and all siege equipment does not matter, in fact it only wastes time for the attacker.
The whole siege equipment and engineering implementation need to be balanced so it's required to use it to succeed with a siege in most cases.

The militia guarding is too weak as fighters and the defense mechanics for castles is too poor and they barley kill any attackers at all.
The militia needs to be improved and increased in numbers to 3x what they are now and rich lords should always have some serious troops defending.
The walls are not really defending or keeping the enemy outside and there is not enough death happening before all attacking soldiers are inside.

Right now ladders is the best attack, they are overpowered and too hard to defend for the militia.
My soldiers get in faster than anything else with the ladders.
Even the AI attacking goes for the ladders and they have a ram at most, even for a 1000 man army. Every time I defended any way.
All the work developers made with the siege stuff is not even used. Just like the AI barley use tactics and formations unless they have a maxed skill.
They should always use it, it's common sense for a legit army. Thankfully there is mods that fix that(That all AI but looters use tactics and formations in battle and don't rush straight forward with all troops).

Ladders should be a death trap and only effective on their own against weakly guarded castles.
Soldiers should have a high chance to fall off if they get shot while climbing and when they get hit in the face looking over the wall.
Ladders should be pushed down often by defenders and break eventually. Only troops with a good engineer should get some small bonuses and the better ladder placements.
Right now there it's just a waste of time to use anything else than the most simple attack, opposite of what it's supposed to be. The engineering skill is totally wasted too.

2nd option is the siege-ram, there is no decent defense for the castle against it, they should be able to have a shooting gallery on the siege-ram troops and the ram itself but they cant do anything useful against it. There is a lot of shooting time but barley any kills.
Even 5 catapults will not stop a solo ram. I just saw that happen.
5 catapults should kill half the attacking army before they reach the walls imo, so attackers have to actually make a real siege and have an engineer to build counter catapults and more siege equipment to even make it reasonable to try to attack the defensive building.

When the siege-ram bash the first gate the soldiers run into a choke point.
The throwing stones above the last gate will not even be used by the AI most of the time, but at the very best it kills 1-10 attackers. That is too poor.
They should be able to mass murder in that choke point, it's just a time annoyance for the attackers right now.
Going into that choke point should be costly and deadly.
Defending archers should gather up around the hole and shot down through the hole and non archers should dump deadly stones all the time.

AI also needs commands for siege battles and more programming to take their own initiative and utilize defensive positions and equipment.
When defending 50% of my archers stood below the walls on the ground and 25% was on the wall shooting with plenty of empty space, that was really stupid.
There should be a command to make all archers to take defensive positions everywhere on the walls and towers so they don't stand useless at dumb spots.
In the prestage I want to be able to place them individually on defensive positions and not just as a blob somewhere.
Each archer should stand on each shooting spot on the whole wall, all archer slits and holes should be manned too.

The AI also tend to try to rush 200 men through the same doorway to attack the same target ending up as a blob of stuck fools in a doorway for the whole siege instead of spreading out going different paths and fighting different targets.

Burning oil or something similar need to be added in several defensive choke points to cause huge damage and morale loss on attackers.
Burning oil could be the needed man equalizer that the defenders need, armor and skill don't matter as much when you get drenched in it.

With an engineer governor the defenders should be able to make extremely strong defensive castles with more and more defensive things to kill attackers.
Good siege equipment and time spent in siege camp preparing the attack should not be time wasted but a requirement to succeed against a normally defended castle.

And one more thing, possibly one of the most annoying for most players.
After you get up on the wall and kill some defenders, half the defending army start to flee, running to a door and go up in smoke. That is just stupid and it's a big part why the militia is so useless at defending the castle.
There should be no place to run to in a siege, everyone should fight!
They should try to gather up deeper in the castle or a tower for a last stand at a more suitable defensive position.
But when fighting happens at these places, people are already going panic mode running straight path towards that door not even defending themselves.

If the nerves break they should keep fighting but at limited capacity.
Only when there is less than 10-20% defenders left with low morale they could offer surrender.
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