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As people keep complaining about the current state of the game, I keep saying it is fine and working as intended. Most mods are just things to make the game easier. Nonetheless, I do believe there are ways to enrich the experience with mechanics not currently added in the game, that would make the AI and the players more cautious about war and peace and increase the depth of the game.

1- Recruiting from Villages and town reduce population and reduce prosperity. Continuous wars eventually should reduce the population and production in Calradia, and recruitment should have a negative effect on prosperity and population. This would keep AI and Players from wanting continuous wars. Also at a certain point villages/towns should stop giving recruits (as they've reached their minimum population), forcing AI and Players to conscript recruits in turn changing their traits

2- Traits need to have a much bigger effect on play style. Example: If you have cruel trait, your towns/castles will have - loyalty, - prosperity + tax + security. If you have a merciful trait you would get + loyalty, + prosperity, - tax, - security. This way actions the players take will have more consequence, and it would open different play styles
3- Roads as building upgrades, AI already uses certain paths to move between villages/towns/castles. Make those visible as roads, and if upgraded make those speed up party speed by 4, 8, 12%. This speeds up commerce and also makes it easier for armies to move within it's own territories to defend. So infrastructure will matter not only in the economy but on the map.

4- To deal with less soldiers because of the recruiting reduction, allow us to purchase soldiers back from the Ransom Broker. Instead of all of those soldiers being removed from the game, let them be placed back into the map via purchase of Soldiers.

5- Borders... strictly from a aesthetic point of view, borders would be great, it would just look amazing to see your influence expand via borders.

6- Taxation: let players set their taxes, gaining traits for their tax levels
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