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Taleworlds have recently made some changes for matchmaking. They were in the right direction, but I found the overall action lacking. The two areas that I want to address most are leaving and team matchmaking.

I feel that Taleworlds current action against team matchmaking is simply lacking. By only restricting 6 player queues, they are effectively encouraging 5 player teams instead, which can pretty much stomp any normal players. I suggest using the "team queues" for all teams containing 2 players or above. Team queues should consist of only team matchmaking and players that choose to opt-in to these queues (opt-in by default to improve matching speed). This can allow players who want a challenge to be placed in team queues and noobs to simply opt out against those OP coordinated teams. These teams will only be taken out of the "team queue" if they failed to find a match in 2-3 minutes. TBH, I'm finding queueing with friends immensely boring atm. It really is just rekking a bunch of noobs that have no idea what they are doing 50% of the time.

Next, I want to address in-game leaving. I understand that it is a problem, but team imbalances are just far too prevalent and damaging. I'm not suggesting that in-game leaving punishment be taken out completely, but I'm suggesting that they only be applied to players that leave when they are still alive or able to spawn during a round. This ensures that teams with leaving teammates will be compensated properly. This might actually have a positive impact upon the losing team. Giving the better players in the team an extra life instead of someone who can't kill a single enemy can be game alternating. The current system that addresses in-game leaving primarily impacts the less skilled and is certainly discouraging to those that are punished. A new player who just joined multiplayer, gets rekt, leaves, and find themselves banned for 15 minutes might very well decide to leave multiplayer altogether.

Finally, map bugs really need to be fixed. The current skirmish village map is a disaster, with easy exploits and countless traps that make you unable to move. I'm sure fixing these bugs take no more than an hour. Please do so.

Another concept that can be quite interesting could be an ELO system based on trueskill. It doesn't matter if it's visible to the player or not. TW can use an algorithm to balance the two teams based on the player's individual ELO, so we have a nice mix of experienced and inexperienced players working together instead of one team filled with seasoned players and another packed with noobs. This can make the game more balanced without slowing down matchmaking.
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