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Focus points can have other purposes then just a xp modiffer.
What I propose is, redoing some of the perk into the focus point system.
Investing in a specific skill unlocks some advantages, and rewards you for the game style you choose for you and your companions.

having 5 focus points in a skill unlocks the following:

One Handed:
Allows Shield Bashing.

Two Handed: Allows use of two handed weapons on horseback, and a slight improvement to handling.

Polearms: Lets you crouch all polearms over 150 length and ties your weight into a crouched hit damage.
(ex. 5% more damage pr 10 weight)

Throwing: Allows for power throw. (throw your javelin/axe/knife further away, (up to 20% more range or so?))
(ties into stamina (shared with athletics), depending on what you are throwing, javelin costs the most, knifes the least)

Archery: Use any bow on horseback.

Crossbow: Use any crossbow on horseback.

Leadership: Enables passive XP gain for troops under your level.
(small gain when on the move, moderate to large gain when stationary (xp gain depends on the lvl and skill difference))
(Role - needs to be! (Drillmaster? General?))

Charm: Can recruit prisoners.
(maybe even nobles if they like you enough or dislike their current ruler enough, ?sweetening the deal with some goodies?)
(Personal or role(Diplomat??))

Tactics: Allows pre-battle deployment.
(Personal or Role (Tactician))

Medicine: Gives minor passive healing to troops in the field. (battlemaps)
(something in the line of +5hp pr 5sec (to units nearby?))

Scouting: Enables better foraging when party is stationary on the map. (camped)
(ties into the perk already there, improving food gains depending on what perk you choose (forest hunter/marsh hunter/plain hunter)

Riding: Enables advanced horse maneuvers.
(double tap W for proper charge etc, bonus to maneuver and speed, essentially better control over mounts)

Roguery: Allows use of throwing knives in civilian load out.

Trading: Enables trade rumors / enables personal ledger.
(Personal or Role (Trader))

Steward: Access to higher tier (advanced) buildings in settlements, cities, and castles.

Engineering: Allow the construction of advanced siege equipment.
(trebuchets, flaming ballistas/catapults)

Athletics: Enables sprinting. (ex. +50% speed)
(using stamina, tied into overall weight, just as now, heavier weight = uses up stamina quicker and overall reduces sprint speed ex. -5% pr 10 weight)

if you companions have 5 focus points in a skill, they unlock the bonus as well, as long as they are selected in the right clan role and in your party or a party of their own. (personal skills dont need a role ex. one handed shield bash)
ex. your party member has 5 trade focus, and in your party, and assigned as trader, you get the bonus unlocked.
note: no more than one of each role in a party (you cant have 5 party members with 5 focus points in medicine or leadership!)

I think this would make choices for character development feel more unique, and add to the overall Bannerlord experience.
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