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so after ~50h of Bannerlord Gameplay and many hours Gameplay in the previous games, I want to make the following Suggestions:

One of the Parts why M&B is so great, are surely the fights. But they were always also bit of clunky. In M&B1 that was totally okay, but now.. its a bit old.
First of all, the command giving is.... working. But that's all. Complex Strategies are not workable. Why cant I just give on the Kingdom Screen my Infantries or Archers Numbers? Like, I want to have 2 or 3 Infantry Troops which are 20 Soldiers big. So I can move them on the Field to let one Party attack directly and let the other flank the Enemy troops.

Also... why do I have to do it from the third Person perspective. Why cant I just zoom out, to get a view like in Total War, and then command my troops. This could be also a skill that's needs to be unlocked. But would make it much more strategic. If that's about immersion. Also in ~1000 Generals made Plans how the troops have to Attack.

Also, why do I have to Upgrade every Unit.... Why cant I have a Menu where I set up the Unit Development. There are many Unit Types. But you already make a difference between Cavalry, Archers, Infantry or Mounted Archers. So it would already be something to be able to enable "Auto Upgrade Units" and have the ability to Choose how to Develop the Party. Like I want 100 Infantry Units and 50 Archers. And the Game will Upgrade them in relation to what I want and what I have. Sure, you still should recruit Recruits yourself.

Peace and War:
Yeah, Peace and War seems not to be implemented completely which is fine. But did you made _any_ changes to this System since your last Game? How about a System like in Stellaris. Not completely. But in Stellaris you can see if and why there will be peace or not. Like the Enemy has the double amount of Troops? Peace likly wont happen. Also, even as a Vassal I should somehow be able to say that we may need peace. Maybe even be able to spend Influence to force the King make Peace.

One thing that made me somehow mad some times is Influence and how the AI works with it. I got dozens of fights, had more Influence that any other clan and then there was a town I wanted. Why is the cap at 300? Why cant I just invest 5000 Influence to say, I ****ing want that Town! My last 30 won fights are worth being Spend on this Town? Just use a scroller like for Money. Maybe even with colours, to show the player what are normal amounts, or more likely amounts to get your will.

Behaviour of King:
Minor Suggestion. In my last Gameplay where I said to Caladog that I will Support him and gave him the Dragonbanner, there was more than once the situation that I wanted a town and he ignored me... His Kingdom was destroyed before me! He had nothing, and I gave him something back, and I got not even One Town! Only the ones I came with till late game. So... in that moment I thought... man... Why cant I just Kill him. Something like in Warcraft 3 with Arthas coming Home. "Yes my King, I came back. And now I will kill you!". You know? Some kind of being Able to betray him. And not just switch the Kingdom. Also why not a Conspiracy? With other lords who are also unhappy. And in the right Moment, a whole Bunch of Nobles will just leave the Kingdom and start with a new one.

Ownership of Towns:
Yeah... the Towns Thing really got on my nerves. So... Something I also didn't understand. What effects the 3 Nobles which can be chosen to give them the Town/Castle? And why, isn't always Nr 3 or 4 Noble, the one who Conquered it? Like whoever is a successful Warmonger, should have a chance to get a piece of cake.

Caravans and Parties:
Are Caravans making Money? I don't know... I think. But why don't I have any Information on that matter. Like being able to click on it and get the buy/sell History. The Workshop also have some Informations. The same is for Parties. Do they have Money? Do they sell Prisoners? What are they doing? Okay they fight... But uncontrolled. Why cant I tell them to patrol a certain Area. Why do they Patrol other Nobles Castles/Towns on the other Side on the Map and not my Property? Or give them Tasks. Like Hunt Looters, Search and Destroy Bandit Camps, Refill my Property with Soldiers and so on and so on....

Here again. I would like to set a Limit in a Town or a Castle and set a Limit in costs and Number of Men, so the fief Autofill the Garrison. Also, it would be nice If they would Patrol the fiefs. As long no big Enemy is near the properties, they should make the Area safer!.

Bandit Camps:
Why do I have to Attack Bandit Camps at Night.... I have a 200Men Strong Army of Elite Soldiers. Why do I have to attack them at night with a Handful Soldiers when I could just send my Soldiers to Burn that Place down? Its a nice thing at the start of the game. Or when you have to rescue hostages. But I should be able to choose and just burn them down.

Capturing and Killing Nobles:
Heres something I am not sure if its not already possible. Can I insted of capture or let a Noble go, choose to behead him? Would be nice for Enemy Kings... Or the Enemy Nobles which are just going on my Nerves. Even when it wasnt common, it happend. The Player should get a bad reputation for that, but it should be an option.

Okay, so that were my 50 cents. I hope I didnt forgot anything. In all, the game is fun. As a M&B Fan I already love it. But it has to develop somehow. Currently you dont have any competitors for that genre. But with that many sold Units, you will get competitors.... And if they take your Concept but invest Time in making it modern, you could loose your Position.



Also Suggestion for you Forum. The ability to give thready/replies a Thumps Up/Down.
Just saw good Ideas from another Guy. I could Reply, but how many people do that? So you could see if many people have the same Opinion, or not.
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