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Suggestions for multiplayer mode

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I think the routines of the multiplayer mode can also be reflected in some games of the same type and it is not special enough.
I have an idea to use the single-player Calradia continent as a multiplayer map, turning the multiplayer mode into a huge multiplayer cooperative online mode.
Players can choose their own camp based on their preferences, such as Valladia.
Each kingdom is controlled by four players, and each player chooses himself and four family members.
Give you game points when the game is ready, and the points can be used to strengthen your skills and family members. When your skills meet the corresponding upgrade conditions, and you choose to upgrade.
Will unlock new skills and enhance the skill attributes you selected at the beginning. For example, your military skills meet the upgrade requirements. After the upgrade, the level and refresh speed of the infantry recruited in all the cities and villages in your territory will increase, or you will have the ability to select terrain.
Points can also be used to upgrade cities and set levels. When preparing for the game, you can use points to upgrade your city waterways to increase prosperity to increase your economy or upgrade training grounds to improve your combat effectiveness. The level can block the forces of other countries that have not declared war, and can block the forces of any other country unless it is destroyed. After the level is upgraded, there are city walls, city defense equipment, training grounds, and facilities inside that can be upgraded, and caravans cannot stop them. The points can also be used to upgrade the village to increase its defensive strength, produce your chosen Chinese troops, increase unique items, and increase the number of households. After the game starts, you can earn points by completing town missions, village missions, bandits or hiding places. After declaring war, you can get points by destroying enemy forces, breaking through enemy cities, and looting villages. Do you remember the previous family members?
After unlocking the corresponding talents, the socially high family members can persuade other generals or caravans to join their camp or stab the knife when they are lurking next to their original owner.
Cunningly high family members can lurch in the caravan and enter the realm of other countries to inquire about the strength of the troops and the upgrading of cities and villages. The forces of other countries will not be displayed on the Kingdom interface, and you need to find the military units of other countries to display them. When you find one team, you will show the strength of the first team. This number can be accumulated. There is only a general idea about the kings and titles of the country, and there is no practical framework.
I am posting this just to make this game better, with more players and a better gaming experience. Do you have any good ideas, let's discuss them together. I typed it with a translator. It may be a bit ugly, forgive me.


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As far as I know, Taleworlds want to let modders potentially handle this. They are focused on the core game in the foreseeable future.

I expect to see something similiar to this pop up the next years as a mod
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