Suggestions for multiplayer co-op?

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I have attempted multiplayer a few times, and have not had great experiences.  I have recently been giving it another go, however this time I am trying out co-op mods.  The main reason I prefer co-op is that I generally hate what pvp ends up being (characters constantly running around while they swing), and much prefer the teamwork that goes into building a shield wall, flanking enemies, and holding choke-points.

What I have tried so far has been; CRPG, Full Invasion 2, and Persistent World.  CRPG has barely anyone playing the coop mission, and so I have given up on it because it is extremely hard solo.  I made a character in PW and was followed around for about 30 minutes by a few different people who would say, "Halt".  They would then proceed to kill me while I attempted to type a reply.  Full Invasion 2 I have actually had quite a bit of fun with, however many of the enemies are very buggy, and players switch the map constantly.

Can anyone recommend any other co-op M&B mods?  I prefer the character building style of CRPG, where I can earn money towards buying new equipment and can build my character the way I want to.


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Mercenaries as well, although I'm not sure if its for your tastes

Its basically CRPG I think