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Hello everyone, I would like to share a little about my observations and suggestions for the development of the game.

1)Make caravans for a player size 30-50 people (also with upgrades for troops)
2)In the diplomacy tab, make a point for recruiting mercenaries (so as not to run around the entire calradia after them) Remove restrictions for players to have 3 mercenary clans
3)In a warband, lords without lands sometimes came to the player to ask for his faction. Why in bannerlord lords go to other factions but not to the player?
4)reduce the aggressiveness of the lords of the player. I have 2 wars and my lords offer to declare several more wars, this is not reasonable and not logical
5)It happens that the clan leader sits in different cities and does not hire troops. His whole clan is at war and he sits in a castle city(not being a governor)
6)Also nerf the Kusaites and Assyrians
7)Balance the wanderers. At the beginning of the game, not 1 engineer and merchant did not sleep at me (I had to wait a very long time)
8 Make mercenaries for a specific time. for example, a contract for 30 days and then to receive a notification about its extension or not
9)Do something with minus money (I ran on a card with -700,000 dinars and lived well at the same time
10)If a player's caravan is robbed, then you can make sure that after the wanderer is released, there is a notification about the creation of a new caravan, and not run to him to create one
11)Personally, it became a little unclear to me how to conceive children in the game. I ran with my wife for 300+ days in the same detachment, spent many days with her in cities, resting, but still no child
12)I would like to add the recruitment of units for the garrison + training it up to lvl 3 at least
13)addition to diplomacy Conclusion of trade, military alliances non-aggression treaties
14)Make sure that all archers shoot at last, otherwise during the siege of the castle city or just in battle, not all people shoot. (As if they are waiting in line to shoot)
15)Lords who are not in the city or near the city should not participate in tournaments.
16)Make different start locations tired of the empire)))
17)needs a blacksmithing nerf (gives too much money)
18 change rewards for tournaments. 1000+ days later a helmet for 500 dinars is not cool
19)The rebels are useless. Officially, war cannot be declared. Destroy them quickly. The player cannot be lured to the faction.
20)Lords hire people simply by standing still.
Sorry for my english it is very bad
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