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Would these be good changes to Captain Mode?

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Hey guys, longtime fan and vet of the series, absolutely love you all for making my dream games (yes plural due to infinite moddability) come true. I have a small request that I was hoping one of your team could maybe bring up in discussions about the next MP patches in the works. I'm personally a huge fan of Captain Mode, and Commander Battle before it and I am desperately longing for this game mode to receive an update at the moment. I think what it really needs for a breath of fresh air is one new map that is very open and plains like, to allow people to really experiment with archers and skirmishers to their full potential as at the moment most of the maps are either too small or so filled with obstructions ranged weapons are rarely effective. A map like this would be fun for cavalry as well. The other change would probably be more difficult to implement due to optimization but I think it would really revitalize the gameplay in a great way. That change would be to ever so slightly increase the unit sizes that we are allowed to control in Captain Mode. I think a good standard for your baseline infantry unit should be around 30, with elite units decreasing in quantity from that number. Cav could be set at around 13-15 to even it out as well. Just my thoughts, and I look forward to seeing what the future of Bannerlord brings for us all. Thanks for your time.
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