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Long time Mount & Blade fan here. I played Bannerlord for the first time a few months after the early access release and recently picked the game up again. First I want to say that I love Bannerlord. Warband is an amazing game and you improved upon it extremely well in Bannerlord. There was also clear improvement on the game between the two times I played Bannerlord.

I compiled a short list of mostly suggestions as well as a few grammar errors and bugs I came across. I understand that some or all of these things might already be known or in the works to fix but I wanted to add my voice. Thanks again for the game and I can't wait to play the full release.

  • Why can't we undertake more than one mission of the same kind?
  • The soldiers under my command seem to miss 90% of their attacks. If a group of 10 cavalry swarm 2 soldiers, it might take them 2 or 3 charges to take them out
  • It would be nice if when hovering over a bow to see the stats, it indicated which bows can't be used on horseback
  • Sometimes the snow falling in the air looks like white caterpillar creatures
  • I don't love how after the cavalry charges, they travel a fair distance to be able to build back to full speed before attacking again. I liked how in Warband cavalry often attacked with spears and would switch to swords after their charge
  • A lot of soldiers run around celebrating victory instead of attacking fleeing troops
  • I'm not a huge fan of smithing stamina but if you keep it maybe consider increasing the amount of smelting/crafting/refining that you can do (in addition to the later perks related to this)
  • It would be nice if you could compare the stats of a two-handed axe to a two-handed sword (similar weapons)
  • It might be nice to have an option to select how many troops you want to take into battle
  • It sounds a bit weird when it shows on the screen as Julius of "The Caesar" for my clan
  • I liked how we used to be able to suggest actions to other lords, might especially be nice to be able to do so to leaders of an army
  • I liked how in Warband a lord would tell you where another lord of their faction is. It's often hard to find a noble when all you have to go on is their last known address
  • I thought it was really weird when I asked Rhaega for Ira's hand in marriage and we were instantly declared married. No courting, no wedding, no discussion of dowry or anything
  • Some of the faces on lords/ladies (particularly ladies) seem a bit cartoonish at times
  • Add a separate category to be able to control your companions and not have them treated as infantry (or possibly in addition to)
  • Be able to select more than one type of soldier at once (ie: keep archers stationed where they are but be able to select infantry and cavalry so you can command them to attack at the same time)
  • Currently after a siege ram breaks the outer gate, none of the other soldiers run forward with me to attack the inner gate, maybe there's a command for it but I feel like it might be better to have it automated (similar to the way the ram attacks)
  • It would be nice if there were additional colors for your banner
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Please make sure bugs and edits are submitted to the Technical Support section as I think they said if they are posted here they will not look at them
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