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The club thing (its name escapes me) is pretty good actually.

You also have great melee stats.

I dont think the Indians have anything to complain about to be honest.
I think the Indians need at least one of those 2 put back to give them some fighting capability, either the spears or the shields.
Make the bows better. Yeah, I said it. Sure they shoot fast, but at 20 paces away you can aim for the head and hit the chest, which is dumb. By the time you've killed someone they look like a human pin cushion. I can tell you, even bows in the traditional style had the power to kill any large game with one well placed shot, and a human would be no different. If I shoot a man in the spine, I'd expect him to go down, if an arrow punctures his lung, that mofo would be down on the ground dying. The point is, on the off chance you can get an arrow far enough out to hit someone, the damage is almost laughable.
While I agree that bows need some love, keep in mind the rate of fire. Maybe less arrow drop, or more speed. But more damage (it kills now with around 3 arrows) might be dangerous.
Utterly cosmetic, but can we get a pair of breeches that match the french uniform jacket? The dark blue is too dark and the light blue is too light.

1er_Gren_Mr_T said:
Decrease speed and damage of gun butts, needs definite nerfing.

Increase damage of Native bows?
Agreed, the other day put 5 arrows into a person who still survived was laughing because it was so stupid. I was the Leader class of a tribe they have the best archer stats twice the amount of a regular archer, the damage is ridiculous. Then a guy came out and one shotted me with rifle.
One thing I think will help this thread is that if Austro edited the first post so that it lists the popular changes or addons that people suggest.  That way, people will not repeat suggestions.  Also,  this will make visitors aware that their suggestions are being taken into consideration.  That is all  :smile:
Aye, bows need damage. It's stupid that I can shoot a guy three times in the torso area, but he can dismount and just shoot me and kill me in one hit. I guess I'll need to make another bow (accurate to the draw weight the natives would typically use) and show you that hey, if you get hit with that bastard, you're going to get hurt. Bad.
Would you please make a .exe or .zip file for this mod? I don't do well w/ .rar, please!

Thank you!
since we have closed doors in new map to chests, i would suggest to implement Lockpicks like they are in PW. It would be great to give outlaws another objective than just killing people.
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