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I've been playing this mode all day and really enjoy it, thought I'd list some suggestions.

  • Add a total amount of players+bots still alive (at least for your team) on the scoreboard or overlaying UI.
  • Show friendly players as a different colour than your own (perhaps friendly emblems are light green.)
  • Provide option to show friendly player names at all times (players, not the bots.)
  • More verticality in some of the maps, some feature castles and would offer good vantage/holdout points perhaps place a flag inside/up there too.
  • A notifying sound that signifies when a round is nearly over due to accumulating the most points, sometimes a round ends abruptly in a middle of a big fight and it's jarring.
  • Some kind of ping system to let friendly players know where you're heading or where an attack is coming from.
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