Suggestion: When you get more reputation (morale, relations, influence, renown) it gradually adds on (not all at once) to increase immersion

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I really like the multi-layered reputation system (how it goes from micro to macro: morale, relations, influence, renown). It would really add to the immersion if when you get reputation points it is added to your total slightly gradually (not too slowly but not just not all once in one magical dump, as word gets around about your new exploits, or as your party get more confident with more morale etc.). Perhaps the speed of the addition for influence and renown might depend on how much you travel around?

Also, you would more rarely have a specific, known total of these reputation scores: the system would feel more dynamic as your totals would often be in flux (as new additions slowly add on). Given that these reputation scores are numerical abstractions of something that usually isn't considered numerical (social reputation), this dynamism would further add to the immersion.

And perhaps, to match the gradual addition of reputation points, the points could be slightly increased?
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