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So, what do you think about the idea?

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Okay, this may sound a bit crazy, and I am not sure if this can be brought into the game at all, but still there's an idea that crossed my mind eventually: do you remember what were the weddings and overall romance thing were looked like in Warband? It wasn't super diverse, but at least we had different women with different tastes, so we had to choose what poem to read to her, and also there was an event when you had to persuade your spouse to run away with you, because her family would've never approved the marriage.

Alas, the wedding in Bannerlord is simplified to a simple "Find a girl you like, click click click (save scum if you need), then chase the clan leader, click click, done"-thing. To make weddings a bit more interesting, I suggest adding some wedding traditions for every faction:

* Imperials are Imperials, so for them we may leave the procedure as it is now - they are a Kingdom of money and bureaucracy, so, if you can show that you have the money - you are good to go.

*For Khuzaits you may add a horse riding competition, similar to one that was in Warband on the training fields (you know, riding with obstacles and all that). Wanna make it more difficult? A shooting competition on a horseback may do - because that's was Khuzaits are into.

*Sturgia - a hand-to-hand duel with either a head of the clan or the strongest member of the bride's clan. "Want to marry a noble daughter of our clan? Prove you are worthy of her hand, you milk-drinker!"

*Battania are all about legends and ancient stories, so maybe there should be a small quest where you should do some noble deed, worthy of legends to be told! Here you should be able to deal with some kind of "path of a warrior" - an obstacle course, similar to the one from the Witcher 3 quest. Of course, it is impossible to implement the parkour series, but I am sure that something can definitely be done here.

*Vlandia is a land of knights, so here we may either implement a standard knight Tournament (A duel with lances on horse back) or do the horse riding stuff, similar to the Khuzait one, yet, here you should be able to show your skills with the lance on horseback (yet again, we can remember the Training Field in Warband to get the picture of what it may look like).

*For Aserai, I haven't come up with any idea, because, unfortunately, I don't know much about the Eastern wedding traditions :sad: But I hope, you got the idea.

Finally, to make this whole stuff less irritating, you may still leave the ability to simply pay a good sum to marry the bride. Because, I understand how irritating it may be, when your third wife is getting killed in battle and you have to do one and the same stuff again and again. The mentioned above events may get repetitive, so just let players decide.

Well, that's it. Thank you for taking the time and reading this, and I hope you like the idea.

P.S. As I mentioned at the beginning, I am not sure if this is even possible to add such stuff in the game, yet, I think we all agree here that the wedding stuff should be revised a bit in Bannerlord. If my suggestion is impossible to be implemented, I hope, at least, that it will give the developers some good ideas on how to make weddings more entertaining and less monotonous as they are now.


Knight at Arms

This will provide some much needed immersion when securing your big mummy Imperial Rhagea-lookalike GF
Simple, yet really great suggestion, that would make for big addition into the game. This would make the game not only more immersive but also a lot more fun.

Sir Frederic

I loved the idea of adding traditions.

Those from Battania always speak as they have the heads of enemies as trophies. What's more, I had a companion that his story was that he was expelled from the town for the collection of heads that he had. To get married, your proof of courage should be fighting in the arena with an enemy from your fiancée's clan.

The money thing should be with the Aserai, they are a mercantile society. Any missions that show your business savvy? Searching for Muslim traditions should give you some idea.

The Imperials are very reminiscent of the Roman Empire, proving that you are a good tactical leader by winning battles could be a good test.

This reminds me of something that the steam forum posted a while ago that I share here:

"Romance and marriages:

With this I am going to the second part of the relationships that are marriages and the romance system, which instead of improving became boring and without grace. In warband you had to conquer your suitor, visit her, recite poems, even fight for her hand if necessary. Now this is very flat and effortless.

The first thing I see is missing is that the character has an interest in you, after declaring you a fervent admirer, return to have the visiting mission, which will give you the signal if the person has an interest in you. And that in each visit you use your charm to improve or worsen the relationship according to its compactness and not be so blunt of a direct rejection of a single attempt as it is now. Having love disputes with another suitor again, and having effects according to the suitor's personality. For example Ira is quite cruel, and let's say that another nobleman challenges me to a duel, and after defeating him in combat, you have the option of ending the fight or executing it. Ira would probably love the second option, but you would earn the hatred of a family for this. Forgiving him his life could make Ira take me for a coward and end up preferring the other suitor more since he also has the same traits as her and with all this dispute I lost more relationship with her than the other suitor. The same if your suitor is merciful, I would love for you to spare her life, but the rival suitor would continue to be an enemy and a nuisance in your way.

Also something that I would love to see, after fighting a noble enemy who is single, the possibility of leaving her free to leave but with a charm option, "my lady is free to leave, such a beautiful woman should not wear shackles". And of course, that this is taken in a positive or negative way according to the character of the person, a romantic woman would adore it, other non-romantic women would like it but surprisingly, some would have a null reaction and finally others would insult you for your pretentiousness . And that this can directly initiate a mission of romantic visit, even random, I mean that the lady who detests you for being pretentious even ends up inviting you, even with more defensive lines of dialogue. Let's just say she found your proposition insulting, but she doesn't sleep without thinking about that day you pierced her with your spear (heh)."


BLs marriages aren't immersive. I doubt TW will fix this, but hopefully some modder might. If that ever happened, I'd quite like random individuals turning up and claiming to be one of my bastards with a letter from their abandoned mother. A player could chose to adopt a bastard and add them to their party/clan or deny parentage with some loss of honour. This gives additional adult heirs, but should reduce relations with any offended wife.

"Get lost. I can't be your father. I'm younger than you!"
"Nice try, boy, but You can't loosen my purse strings. You don't even look like me."
"Come to mention it, I do remember tumbling a farm maid from that village. You've got my grandfather's hair and eyes. Welcome to the family."
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It is really sad how so many great suggestions are made to really bring the game to life... Only for reality to set in via the same comment: "Wont happen, ever, maybe a MODDER will do it because the company doesnt care."

+1 to the suggestion.
+1 to knowing it will never happen because TW doesnt care.
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