SP - Player, NPCs & Troops [Suggestion] Weather and Terrain features and Party Stances on the campaign map

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Weather and Terrain features should affect parties as they move across the map.

It should be slow and difficult, even risking party losses, to cross certain terrain features and face certain weather. The Highlands of Battania should be easily defendable from it's mountain passes. Swampy areas should slow you to a crawl. Snow drifts might halt you all together. Party size and composition should affect this as well. A smaller force is quicker and easier to move through a mountain pass without casualties. Sturgians and Nords would have an easier time dealing with heavy snow.

Party Stances on the Campaign map

Ambush stance - require a smaller party size and slows the party but allows you to get the jump on another army. Roguery or Tactics could help determine factors like spotting chance.

Forced March - increased speed, lower spotting chance, lower morale.

Defensive March - slower speed, higher spotting chance, chance to arrange your troops during an ambush.

These additions would make for a more dynamic campaign experience. War in Winter would mean risking troops just crossing dangerous territory.

I think movement- stances would be a good feature.

Normal-mode: You have your normal movement as is today as default for all parties - as is

Patrol-mode : You trade X% campaign-map Movement-speed and enter. It increases line of sight, knowledge of parties in sight, recovery-speed and re-enforcement-radia(how far away a friendly army can be and be offered to re-enforce)

Chase-mode: You trade pretty much everthing else in forced march, and gain X% Movement-speed on campaignmap.

How do you like it? :smile:
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