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Hi all,
So I was looking current troop trees and modded version of them and thought to myself that at some point some upgrades are wired in the sense that some troops get horses or change radically to other weapons.

In WB there was a limitations, but since here it's EA things still can be changed.

So having that on mind, there's a few suggestions, I'd like to share.

  • Instead of having a tree that has 2 initial ramifications, to have several, that since the begining we train a type specifically.
  • Types: Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry, Skirmishers.
  • Infantry: "Shock" infantry and spear infantry (this division is present in all factions currently)
  • Ranged: Archers and Crossbowman or Slingers.
  • Cavalry: Ranged/Skirmishers and Mele.
  • Skirmishers: Note that some factions have first some Skirmishers and then they become archers or mounted troops.
Note: I'm "banishing" heavy or light classifications since there is no real negative thing for having heavier equipment.

With this I have in mind several troops that suddenly become mounted or as said change from Skirmishers to Archer, also some factions are lacking either cavalry, Skirmishers or archers. This way we commit specifically to what type of unit we want.

Also I feel chaotic that some horse troop upgrades need horses and others war horses.
To further explain, for example:

Recruit: can be improved to
  • Infantry divides into spear and shock.
  • Archer divides into crossbow and bow.
Basically in this point it remains the same.

Vigla: it's not stated, but I believe they are Nobles.
  • Mele Infantry: remains the same to Cataphract.
  • Ranged Cavalry: new lower tiers till Bulcellar.
Palaic: lore wise people originally from outside the empire.
  • Skirmishers: light infantry, cheap that excells at flanking and poking.
  • Light cavalry: fast cavalry focused on attack and retreat.
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