Suggestion to make a Empire Vs Outer Coalition gamemode.

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I've played campaign and, to a lesser degree, sandbox to hell, and wanted a new experience I typically find myself in anyways.

Hate or Lover it, I suggest a game mode where a unified Empire and a coalition of Vlandia, Batania, Khuzait, Sturgia, and Aserai all being merged into one huge faction.
This could bring a lot of new variance into play style. You could either join one of the 2 factions
to vie for dominance as either a mercenary, lord, or king.
Alternatively you could try to create your own faction. This will be made much harder due to whoever you get the territory from, will be coming for your booty harder than the IRS comes for you when you misfile your taxes.

If you happen to join one of the 2 factions, my stance on mercenaries is that the majority should join the other, as while they done make a huge difference by themselves, with the majority of them in one faction, they would be enough of a pain to actually harm the player actively later in the game due to more armies on the field.

This was just a quick thought by my due to the game getting stale as setting up something similar in sandbox is a huge pain even with cheats. And you end up having a pretty bad economy afterwords on either side, with it being a huge pain in the ass to reassign the lords to their respective fiefs.
I would love to hear everyone else's opinion on this suggestion.
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