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[Suggestion] To limit number of servers. Vote mods, map ect.

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Too many servers were based on version 635. Betta-testers is not so many people. Last days 2-3 more servers were added, the number of modes of game has increased and now on each of them sits on 4-5-6 persons (earlier till 12-15) some revival was called by new map in mode the Siege, but it has many bugs. As a result we have situation when it be not become interesting to play the majority of servers (+ constant collective starts at reboot of maps). For example, I like when there is mode FightDestroy and quantity of people on server 30-36. Now such situation isn't present. It is sad. You choose other game and you leave with Warband.

1. I suggest not to increase no more number game servers, but to increase quantity of betta-testers.

2. To developers of game: to spend number of interrogations and votings among betta-testers on themes:
1. What mods to you are most attractive?
2. What maps most of all are pleasant to you?
3. Whether you can offer conceptually new mode of game?
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