[Suggestion to DEV] Reform to save Multiplay.

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01. Currently, there are very few people who play multiplay, which means that ranking games are not meaningful.

02. TDM maps are always the same.

03. Battle always causes freezing and CTD.

04. TDM always causes a Room Crash (it hasn't been fixed for two years.)

05. Make more animations. (Example: When the player presses C, the character runs out in a shouting motion.)

06. Support custom servers.

07. Hold on to the multiplayer who has already left Bannerlord. (Honestly, I don't know if they'll come back.)

08. Allow players to fight naked in multiplay.

09. Open Armory in the game so that the character can change the armor.

10. Add cool armor.

11. Allow the soldiers to wear their capes without having to choose the Improved Armor Perk.

12. Although the M&B series has a good combat system, but it does not have a body cutting system unlike other medieval games. Please support Gore mode. (Beheading, etc.)

13. Duel maps are not changing in winter.
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