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Suggestion Thread. Your ideas here.

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I really love this mod, i think its my favorite gun-wise, but i get tired fairly easily of beethoven’s “fur elise” after a while. I understand why it and other songs like it are in it, they are public domain, but what about having some folk from the era? Im saying things like “johnny i hardly knew ya” or “the cruel wars”. Those must be public domain as well right?

Thanks in advance

I have been playing this mod since the first year it came out, of course.. with very long breaks in between every campaign/conquest,
this mod has been without an update for around a year or two now and I know that the Mod-Creator, Jackson, is currently still working on a new update.
Yet, I still love the mod and adore the looks/uniforms and historical "accuracy's". And by the looks of it, the following update will make it even more beautiful.

Lets stop with the small talk and actually get to the point though.
I am making this post with the intention of naming my actual ideas and suggestion,
about adding or maybe editing things when it comes to looks, gameplay and map area's.
I'm not here to critique the mod nor am I here to state that any of these have to be added 100%.
These are just simply my ideas/opinions/suggestions.

The Actual List:
-Adding more cities to the map where they're lacking in quantity and that were well-populated in that time. Ex,
    Today Belgian Area: Brussels(Bruxelles,Brussel)/Antwerp(Anvers,Antwerpen)/Charleroi/Brugge(Bruges)/Gent(Ghent)
    Southern France near Switzerland: Lyon/Montpellier
    Area Between Prag and Leipzig: Dresden/Chemnitz
    Around Hannover: Bremen/Hamburg
    Around Luxembourg: Idk
    The list goes on...
-Adding more custom flags to the flag menu, as in Region Flags, Flags of Duchies, ...
    Its a minor addition, but for me personally; I always attempt to roleplay my conquests/campaigns as much as possible, therefor I mostly pick different flags than my college's in order to stand out.
-Adding more historical characters to the exising nations.
    As a small biased example: Leopold von Sachse-Coburg-Gotha who faught for the Russian Empire during the NW's.
    But there are many more that aren't in the current version of the mod which would be nice to see as a small historical touch.
-Adding more location based troops within certain regions of one Empire.
    Kind of like NW: Total War
    The certain setback for this is however that if you want many soldiers of one region, you would take hours since there won't be many villages/towns to supply you with these men.
    And it also takes way too much time to make a ton of specific region based uniforms for each nation and many other more development problems which I am unaware of.
-Increasing the types of troops we could get for a nation.
    Once again a big thing that probably won't be true; but just adding some more legendary/noticable regiments into a factions lineup or troop upgrade tree.
-Adding the ability to choose your own nation's map-color once the new nation has been formed.
    Idk why but it just doesn't feel right and confuses me when I have the same faction color as GB when I try to be my own historical nation.
-Adding the ability to set town-flags and flags of vassals to the flag of your newly formed nation.
    This just removes the mess and disorganization that it currently is and generally looks better and makes you feel like a genuine nation of your own.
-Adding the ability to set alliances between your new nation and other already existing ones.
    Could be a nice touch and could be nice, its kinda the same as when you start of as france; where the puppet states have sort of an "alliance" and won't attack eachother.
-Making the Character Name cap longer in order to get longer names.
    This one speaks for itself, also more a roleplaying issue.
-Adding the ability to ask the Nation leader or owner of the fief to give the to you.
    This could work one or two ways -> Asking to give over the fief for a certain high amount of money or maybe gaining their trust and persuading them.
    This is mainly something personally that I struggle with since I like to roleplay a lot.
-Adding a more accurate city scenery for specific towns.
    Basically adding some monuments that were apart of the town or other stuff that makes the town special
    Of course not for all towns but for those who stand out with IRL scenery and monuments for before the NW Era
-Adding the ability to garrison companions instead of 'disowning' them [NEW]
    It'll be a nice feature since for me, at least, I dress my companions as officers, etc...
    And sometimes when I try to search em again after abandoning them, they'll be in enemy territory.
    Again, it'll be nicer and easier.
-Adding the ability to provoke 2 nations against eachother even though you aren't apart of said nation. [NEW]
    You could basically influence a certain leader of a faction to attack another faction based on lies or the truth...
-Remove or fully redo the ravine skirmish map. [NEW]
    That map gets your troops and enemies stuck as fast as you attempt to move forward.
    It also leads to enemies getting stuck in the rocks and even inside the map.
    For me personally it leads to frustration whenever I attempt to even play on the map.
-Make it so that the troops that are actually stationed within a town, that they're also physicly guarding it. [NEW]
    Maybe it would also be nice to make an actual administration pannel where you can select the troops to guard the streets or the city hall
    Its a nice little touch and detail.
-Make it so that whenever you persuade a lord to join your side, said lord will automatically change banner to his new faction's banner. [NEW]
    Again this could be a nice little touch but it would also make it a bit more clean instead of the mess you get when you persuade a lot of lords.
    This would only work with the pre-set nation and not if you form your own,
    else I would be going against my other flag suggestion.

Maybe More for the Future List:
-Making Corsica and Sicily inhabited by adding a few villages or city's
-Adding Montenegro
-I don't know man

This was my personal list, I could always add or remove things from this list but I think i'm done for now at least.
Thank you for your attention and hopefully you'll have a nice time conquering Europe.

Yours Sincerely,
  GrimTheAngel ~
Hi, this is not related to anything of this mod. But i just want to ask, how do you change the whole map. Like in this mod. You made it look like Europe. I want to make my own mod, and i want it to look like my country. So if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Thanks
fantasticbrix said:
Hi, this is not related to anything of this mod. But i just want to ask, how do you change the whole map. Like in this mod. You made it look like Europe. I want to make my own mod, and i want it to look like my country. So if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Thanks
There's an entire board for learning about modding.

It is no exaggeration to say that a L'Aigle update is even more anticipated than the impending season of Game of Thrones. And I'm not exaggerating.
Hey Guy!
I have some cool ideas for the mod maybe a conservative senate could be a great idea it could be
an area in every faction capitals that holds meetings each week where you sit with aristocrats
of you faction ,lords and the leader of the state too to discuss important matters like start civil wars ,
stop secessions of the people ,promute your compagnons start wars ,ask for peace ,exchange
fiefs ,if a republic change leader and raise independant armies or controled ones.
there can be an outside senate scene where you can plan assasinations with political alies
and stuf and would stop war less isier.

Anyway hope you enjoy the ideas ! :fruity:
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