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Suggestion Thread. Your ideas here.

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Could you please consider the possibility of allowing the player to control the artillery it would be pretty cool.

Also at that time I would assume infantries that focused on swords/close range didnt exist but if they did it would be cool to add them.

Lastly, I think i might have misunderstood the depots but shouldn't I be able to get troops from there?
Depots are for the player to get weapons, uniforms, promotions and flag bearers.

There wasn't melee infantry (from europeans, anyways) in the napoleonic Wars.
Yeah i thought they were troops like halberdiers and pikemen but if not them atleast let the musket men have swords or something(though they probably didn't)
To my knowledge, some sergeants in some armies were using halberds and spontoons as a badge of rank. So they could potentially be added. According to Wikipedia they persisted into the "mid to late 9th century." Also, many officers used non-regulation sabers throughout this time period, so they could be added if we wanted more sword variety later. Also, as someone who knows how to use a Highland Broadsword, options without something other than the red velvet will always be appreciated.

And for those without much familiarity in the period may find this website interesting:
That website you linked is plagued by a number of falsehoods. Don't take anything from there as true without fact checking it.
Hello. I have a little suggestion.

My suggestion is tied with your rank.

The possibility to be part of an army.

First you have to choose a speciality. (Cavalry for example)

At the beggining, you are a simple soldier. Like Freeholder mod.

But as you promote, you gain more soldiers under your command. But you don't command all the soldiers. Only a little part of it and the speciality is very important so if you choose cavalry you can only command cavalrymen.

At the last rank, you may command half of the army or more.

You have surely noticed that my English is not great but I hope that you have understand most of what I wrote. (I can explain another time if you don't have understand)

You may receive some instructions (just the big lines) from the big leader but you can still have a little freedom to organize your troops.

I think this suggestion will add a lot of realism and fun to the mod and it will give a meaning to the rank system.
I honestly think body armor textures could be better.

Some even feel like original mount and blade textures.
:fruity:it should be the ottoman empire because the relations with the france was good another way to be a technology tree turkish language support comes cheerful :lol: :lol: :lol: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :grin: :grin: :party:
Is it just me, or ...
Is anyone else tired of Forum Members constantly changing their Forum IDs?

I used to look for posts by DOCM and BlueHawk, since they usually heralded something useful.
Then, we got Jackson, and some Russian rigamarole ...
Now, it seems, we got Sexhaven(something or other).

Quite tiresome, IMHO ...

Here's a small thought. I've been playing French for the past couple of days, and I find the infantry troop tree a bit weird. The troops themselves are fine, but the upgrade branching is what irks me.

Wouldn't it make more sense for Grenadiers and Voltigeurs branch out of the Line Fusiliers, rather than Fusiliers and Grenadiers from the recruits, and the Voltigeurs out of the Fusiliers? I'm unsure of how it was in real life, but from a gameplay standpoint, I think it'd be better if you start off with the standard balanced troops, and then pick specialisations for them as they level up.

The same could be applied to the Light Infantry. IMO, the branching should go Leger -> Chasseur -> Carabinier/Voltigeur.

As for the Guard units, I'd prefer if the troop tree could follow the historical "progression", being everyone starting as a Tirailleur, then a Middle Guard Fusilier-Grenadier, and finally the Old Guard Grenadiers.

Of course, this is nitpicking at something not really relevant. It would make getting Old Guard Grenadiers much harder and expensive, though, but I think that fits the Imperial Guard.
Okay. What about adding new cities and forts? There is a very noticeable absence of Strasbourg and Turin.
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