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I would like to suggest to insert a spy system.
A player is able to recruit characters that do covered operation or can track sensible targets for you.
If player is a mercenary can only have 1 spy
If player start a kingdom or become a vassal, can have multiple number of spies
A spy can give you accurare infos on cities and villages, to get these time is required
A spy can use an already existing perk and will act principally in civilian wears
A spy can help to sneak you inside a city, starting a battle already inside the walls trying to conquer the settlement (maybe opening the gates or capture the keep?)
If player sneak in an enemy/neutral city with a spy help, player can do sabotages
A spy can search and bring to you a character if this one is part of your clan or kingdom
A spy can also search a foreign/enemy character for you but it requires time and is also risky to be discovered, if sucessful a marker will appear for the character you are looking for
(Integration of encyclopedia in dialogues when you look for a character?)
Spies can be assigned to passive counterespionage that can alert when in a player or allied city there is a suspect enemy spy activity and act to defend (spy among us?)

Hope these suggestion can be helpful!
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