[Suggestion] Skirmish/Harass Command for Troops.

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I think is a must have, there could be 2 types mashed into a single button, if the holster ordered to skirmish are skirmishers on foot, they skirmish on foot, like one would skirmish.
If they are "Horse Archers" they "Harass" as horse archers do, carousel anyone?

Or, it could be better. Harass tactics for Melee Cavalry troops (making cavalry much better to control), and a Skirmish for "distant harass" where we mash both on-foot and horse-back to do their thing.... Currently I'm finding it easier to concede command over these units to the AI (All of them except for Infantry will work better at it when controlled by the AI because the AI has access to commands we do not seem to have)

That's all


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That's already a bit of a thing. Using the "Advance" command skirmishers will get in range of their javelins and retreat while throwing them, attempting to maintain max distance. Same for archers. Yeah but it's a big buggy because they often don't even throw and just retreat or they get to close or they walk super slowly. They should be separate commands tho. Advance should have your unit charge but stay in formation and don't go all out. Skirmish should have them stay at range WHILE throwing or shooting and not retreating, and hit and run if they have no projectiles.
Does that sound right?


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Yeah they need to tweak the commands a little for sure. I also do advance for the archers at times when needed but since they are so sensitive on range it can be a problem at times which can make em ineffective as mentioned. When it comes to skirmish horses i always go F6 then adjust em if i see if they are in trouble or want em on a hill or on flanks if they have archers
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