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Suggestion: Reduce the need for dialogue screens, Very inefficient. Waste players time.

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1. I have been noticing a lot of time where I sitting on my computer waiting staring at a loading screen just to interact with a NPC. Every time I need to fight a bandit, or talk to a villager landowner, I have to be starting at a loading screen because the computer has to render the whole map, even thought I will be only staring at a talking head for just a couple seconds going through dialogue option clicks. It's such a waste of computer power, and the players time to just load very unimportant grinding xp small missions/combat dialogue screens. How many family feud, land dispute missions will we be grinding in the early game? A lot.

My suggestion: Every dialogue for all tedious village NPCs missions (maybe even some city trades NPCs too), it should just be put on the Map user interface instead. Just a small pre-rendered 3D bobbing heading in the left bottom corner and with the dialogue choices on the right side. Same thing for when fighting with looters, bandits, and minor combat NPCs. Only load and render dialogue screens for major NPC character/ major missions for minor NPCs. This will reduce the wait times, loading screens and computer crashes, while increasing player enjoyment experience. I would argue the load times will remove move of the gaming experience vs improving the gaming experience by keeping the current dialogue system.

Also, a side suggestion for me about the simulated battles:

If you are attacking, give maybe a pause period in the beginning of the game where the player can layout his troops, arrange the combat groupings, and the NPCs orders. I think that will help increase strategy and give the player a move stronger sense of control/command of his troops.

If you are defending in open field by NPCs, you will not be given a chance to place your troops. Only if you are defending a castle or city. It might be cool that defending players could also lay out their troops in defense too. Whatever the community and devs think.

2. Side thought. Also I think the current command UI during the simulated combat currently is very overwhelming, too distracting, and really not user friendly. Either there needs to be a tutorial or a better system in balance. I find myself panicking trying to figure out which F1 to F6 key I need to press because the UI don't show your options from the beginning and if I press the wrong key, my troops do stupid things. There needs to be a 2 click system. One for selecting the option, but only when you press it again it will execute the command. So if you press the wrong key, the command icon will be highlighted, but it won't execute, and then you can then reselect the right command then select it once more to execute the right order for the troops.

These are my current thoughts after playing the game for one day. User interface and game efficiency should be a focus for this game I think as it effecting my gaming experience currently. I am not even talking about bugs, like spawning on the top of a landowners roof after dialogue.

Hope this creates a good conversation on how to improve this game not just visually, but also making the system more efficient in where it puts it's energy. Please share your thoughts. I want this game to succeed, and not just be a remastered warband with the same old issues.

Thanks Tale Worlds for your effects so far. Wishing you the best.
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