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Suggestion: No Peasants With Herd Delivery Quest

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The quest to deliver herd of livestock is a great quest. The change of adding to the 'herd' inventory instead of making players chase the cows across the map is one of the huge improvement over Warband.

However, this quest sneaks in 1-10 peasants to my troop count when accepted. These temporary troops do not add to the game. I do not need the troops to fulfill the mission and they are a step below troops I can recruit. I often miss or forget that this happens and am unpleasantly surprised by a notification that some of my troops have deserted.

The end result is that I lose some of my high tier troops to make room for peasant freeloaders who will also leave as soon as the mission is completed (or failed).

Moreover, if this is happening to me, I am guessing that my companions also suffer. It is my understanding that party companions also perform quests when not in an army. It seems to me that a companion with a full troop stack might take this quest and lose 1-10 tiered troops in favor of the temporary peasants as well. Hopefully not, but if so, it exacerbates the known issue of companion over-recruitment.

Please remove this unnecessary and often detrimental feature from the game. I cannot tell you how many times I have cursed those dirty, mangy peasants for taking the place of their betters, and my mom taught me better than to talk about people that way. This quest is turning me into a mean person.
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