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Knight at Arms
Every team in a multiplayer game is randomly assigned a faction, which has 6 troop classes to pick from.

People complain about the Class/Perk system because it gets stale. Metas emerge, and some factions just struggle in some game modes due to class selection.

We can help address some of these using content already in the game.

A team draws a Major Faction, one of the existing 6 factions, and also draws a Minor Faction from the mercenary clans in Calradia.

This gives players on that team access to 1 additional class from that Minor Faction.

For example, you're playing a Captain mode Imperial Vs. Imperial match. YAWN.

BUT, Purple Empire has drawn the Lake Rats for its minor faction, giving them access to the Lake Rat Wrecker, a unique heavy Skirmisher unit.

Yellow Empire has drawn the Ghilam minor faction, giving them access to the unique Ghulam heavy camel cavalry.

Obviously, Minor Factions would have to have some balance, and should be in general much more expensive than the Primary Faction units (they are mercenaries, and this should keep them from breaking the game if they are very good). In Captain they should have slightly lower troop counts than what is normal to reflect the additional cost of these mercenaries. You would use them to address tactical situations rather than as an always-correct choice.

It would make the game infinitely more interesting and can be done entirely with existing assets and lore. Imagine playing against Khuzaits with their horse archer cheese, and then in round 2 you deploy Karakhergit Riders of your own to screen your legion infantry.


I think this is a cool suggestion. One way to test this out without putting a bunch of effort into it in case the devs want to try it out before sinking time into it, is to randomly select another culture and let each team select from that culture as well at like a 20% markup or something. See if players are willing to pay a premium for a little more flexibility.


It's a good idea but...Considering the devs have been working on balacing the factions for 2 years and accomplished nothing, I doubt they would add this to the game.


Knight at Arms
Yeah, its basically just a daydream, but legitimately maybe the single most impactful use of time for multiplayer.
Mostly I want a place to have all the weird items in the game that can never be part of Multiplayer due to the limited Perk system. Clubs, throwing knives, slings, different weird mounts, etc.
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