Suggestion: Multiplayer Campaign aka Line Battles with a Purpose

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I was playing a little NW tonight and a thought came to me... what this game is missing is a player run campaign in the style of a tabletop hex-based war game. 

In a nutshell, 2-5 teams that would represent nations on a hex based map.  The teams/nations would be composed of player regiments that could pick a side at the beginning of a round.  Each nation would have armies that could move around on the map during week.  Then when two opposing armies meet, everything on the map would pause until a line battle could determine which army gets destroyed or is forced to retreat on the map.  The ultimate goal would be for each nation to capture their enemies capitol or x amount of cities/victory locations on the map.  So it could be a map of Europe like this:

Or maybe just a map of the Waterloo campaign like this, with only 2-3 teams.  Maybe the server owner could put maps in that represent the terrain where the battle is taking place:


A post on the forum with the map in the first post.  Maybe each regiment of a certain size would get their own army on the map or if there's fewer game pieces, the leaders of the regiments on each team would decide where to move them.  The map could just be modified in photoshop after each round of movement.  If two armies clash, they could put a little battle graphic over the pieces on the map then list info about when and where the line battle is taking place below the map pic in the first post.

Whoever is attacking on the map has to attack in the line battle.  Other details like what causes an army to get destroyed or forced to retreat could be determined by players if people are interested in doing something like this.


For glory!  It would give line battles more purpose and give regiments a chance to prove who's the badassest plus maybe recruit some more people along the way.  Maybe individual players could sign up for teams as well and get into line battles as part of their nation's militia regiment or just be mercenaries to fill out whichever side is short handed during line battles. 



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It can work, and it has been proven so back in MM. However so far no one was enable to succesfully host such event for NW. Simply because most quited their project after some time. Shamefully.