Suggestion: Make town (and castle) projects visible on campaign map

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Hey, I love the town and castle management, especially building all the different projects. My suggestion is to display all the projects in each of their own levels as small graphical models as part of the fief. I think this would be easier to implement with towns, because there is more room and some castles are tiny, visually speaking. Changing the visual model for castles is another discussion so that even castles could have the progress of the projects displayed visually.

There are 12 projects for towns: fortifications, granary, workshop, garrison barracks, training field, fairgrounds, marketplace, aquaducts, forum, orchards, militia grounds and siege workshop. Note: Fortification levels are already displayed on campaign map (level 1 fortifications are palisade walls; level 2 are a combination of stone and palisade walls; level 3 are complete stone walls).

Below are some examples for displaying projecst:
  • Granary: granary/mill inside the wall
  • Workshop: a building with construction materials around it
  • Barracks: a bigger tower/keep
  • Training field: training area outside walls with miniature dummies
  • Fairgrounds: some sort of carnival area
  • marketplace: this one is pretty self explanatory.. :grin:
Also, it would be really neat if the model is culture based and changes according to the culture of the fief but I would settle for general ones :smile:

Does anyone know if there is a mod for something in this direction?

Feel free to make suggestions for each project how they could potentially be displayed on campaign map in each of their 3 levels!

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