Suggestion : Make PW Mod Official

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Hello There dear Devs and Warriors ,

As someone who played the PW Mod ... ALOT ... personally I think it's the best Mod in the game and it's fun as hell
I had a Record of playing it for 13 to 14 hours straight with my friends and even the faction that is our enemy :grin:

Having some Roleplaying Animations added in game M&BII:BL will help the players enjoy PW more
Character Animations like :
Cutting down Trees
Forging and Blacksmithing
Greetings and Military Ready Position

Adding more Detailed Items :
Various Woodcutting Axes
Various Knives
Various and Customized Swrods in the Multiplayer RPG game

Adding Some Great Maps with various Castles and more features in them
and even adding official Stable PW Servers

Last time I had other things in my mind ...
Things like adding other classes in game
Cavalry , Swordsman &Archers are not enough for such a hyped game like M&BII:BL
Adding Classes like : Champion , Assassin  and ... would be better!

Champion :
Big Muscled Warrior with Great Power and Strength but low Attack speed and Movement Speed

Assassin :
A Quick Warrior with Blades and Ranged Equipment , High Movement Speed and Attack Speed , Low Strength and Quick Parry

Adding Execution , Finishers  and Winning Taunts will be nice :grin:

Tnx for all the Efforts Devs ,
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