Suggestion: Make higher perks independent from lower perks

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Please make it possible to pick any perk when u meet the required skill level, without picking lower perks first!

This is not meant as a permanent change, but for the time of development until all perks are implemented and stop causing issues.
I would really like to pick my level 100 and higher trade perks, but tier 3 at skilllevel 75 makes every hideout crash. Also in steward i dont want to commit on a perk i don't know what they are actualy doing, because i cannot test them, because they don't work. And i don't know yet if i want to create my own kingdom or not, so i'm sitting at 135 in steward, but i haven't picked a single perk there. I know i want war rations, but i can't pick it.

I could not find a similar thread in the forum, hope i'm not just blind. I know it's not that important but it could be a very easy change. One flag from 1 to 0 best case scenario. Oh and i freaking love this game!


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if you are using the beta (1.1.0.beta), then the hideout issue was fixed.

as you are worried mostly about bugs (perks that dont work), how about a respec option instead? After patches you can reassign your character perks. Its a normal feature for MMORPG that tend to break things between updates. And the EA is doing that too.
Thx for your reply!
I am indeed using the beta and did not know it was fixed. A respec option would do, but take away the commitment when choosing perks. Still better then the way it is now. And if they change/rebalance the perks itself, a respec option would actualy be better.
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