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- I would like to see more things to spend our money on.
1.1 Castle upgrades which changes the castle map
1.2 Pay for people to attempt to assassinate other nobles (though it would be very costly to avoid it being OP AND it would have a success rate depending on your own luck, charm or whatever trait they decide). Also have success rate depending on who the noble is. It should be pretty damn difficult to assassinate Lucon, but less difficult to assassinate a Northern Empire mercenary with an army of 50 people. Have the assassin charge you a lot more for the killing of more well guarded nobles. The assassin won't risk killing Lucon and getting himself executed for 50k. 500k, however... perhaps. Just an idea they can expand on.
1.3 Pay to invest in a town or castle, you get special access to certain areas, or perhaps you invest in another lord's garrison and you're able to take up to 10 percent of their troops
1.4 Invest in throne room renovations as either a vassal or king/queen - have these changes visible in the game world.
1.5 Buy a round of drinks for everybody in the tavern to increase relations by a small amount
1.6 Maybe even buy some shops or houses and rent them out as a landlord, earning passive income. Perhaps they get attacked every so often?
1.7 Spend money on a wedding - hire jesters, dancers, singers, hold a feast etc. The more money you spend initially, the higher your relation increases with your spouse
1.8 Being able to fund other peoples' armies - what if you wanted to support the Aserai fighting the Khuzaits, would be good to secretly fund another faction's war and have your relation with that faction increase

. More activities to do in peace time like improved tournaments including jousting, archery, horse racing etc.
2.1 Hunting missions?
2.2 More exploration - caves, rivers, old battlements - add rare items and uniques

. Kingdom management
3.1 Assign vassal their own castles/towns
3.2 Sue for peace, declare war, form alliances which greatly damages your relations if you don't aid them in war as agreed - this would open the way for more dialogue options with your own vassals about whether to uphold the alliance
3.3 Hold council with your vassals - should we declare war on another faction? If we do, which castles should we take? Selected castles would then mean your vassals would try to focus on capturing those castles and towns and cities
3.4 Be able to change the philosophy of your kingdom - do you believe in inheritance? Should the new ruler be the king's children? Should there be a vote on a new ruler altogether?
3.5 Choose tax rates
3.6 More policies
3.7 Make you feel like a king - have people address you in the correct manner
3.8 A little cynical but be able to hang your enemies from the gallows, publicly behead traitors and other undesirables
3.9 Hold court

4. Be able to take over an existing kingdom - don't know if this is in the game currently but I think it would be something else if you could end up king of Vlandia or sultan of Aserai

. Smith crossbows and bows
5.1 Fire arrow smithing

. A toggable option about who to control after death. Might be nice being able to select up to 3 units you can control if you fall on the battlefield. Make it optional for those 'hardcore' players
6.1. Less wars. I'm not saying no wars, but constantly being at war with another faction or even 3 factions at once is very tiring and draining. As long as there are lots of activities to do in peacetime I don't feel as if this would be a big issue.
6.2. Send messages to the other lords - would tie in with forming alliances etc.
6.3. Way more intricate quests
6.4 Have politics play a much, much larger role in the world

. NPCs form their own alliances and marry each other without any input from the player. A dynamic and shifting world.

Having a lord or noble as a prisoner should be a much bigger deal than it is. A lord should be a political bargaining chip, being able to ransom a lord in exchange for a town or castle, or another prisoner, or just a lot of gold. Selling the ruler of the western empire to a ransom broker in a seedy taven for 5k is ridiculous lol, especially considering they just raise an army once again. Having a lord as your prisoner should be one of the ultimate bargaining tools - and not only that, but it should depend on what type of lord. If I had Ira as a prisoner, Rhagaea should absolutely agree to move back some of her armies or agree not to declare war on me for a year or two. This is because Ira is the supposed heir to the throne. Similarly, if I didn't give Ira back then Rhagaea should come at me with her entire force and try to wipe my faction from the face of the planet. Should work the other way too, if you are captured and you have really high relations with your faction then they should try to negotiate for you and try to get you out. Attempted prison breaks under the cover of darkness or an all-out war resulting in the deaths of thousands.
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