Suggestion: Lawful executions. Proposed and voted on like policies

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You're correct as well, but a vote for every execution would be very tedious and would get old really fast. We can of course have a middle ground and have a policy where executing an enemy lord that you have -50 or lower relation or maybe executing a lord with a negative mercy and/or honor trait is considered lawful or something.
Or if they just recently raided your villages twice at the same day, because in wars, it is not allowed to kill peasants.
There really should be a mechanism for lawful executions. If some rogue lord from an undead faction keeps terrorizing the countryside and murdering innocent villagers, you should be able to capture them, and then put forth a proposal to lawfully execute them for their crimes and then the kingdom can vote on it like its a policy. If the motion passes, you can then execute them without any negative relations except for the convict's clan, and you should gain honor for upholding the law.

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