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Hello everyone,

first of all I would like to say: awesome game, cool ideas and great work so far! I'm already looking forward to new Updates/News/the Release. Other than that I hope im in the right sub-forum for suggestions to the Game.

Now to my suggestions, I think the battle command system is very cool and works pretty good as far as I have seen. But I would like to suggest two little QoL additions to that, that would make battles as a whole a little more pleasent, at least in my opinion:
  • Queue for Commands
    • I think many people know this from popular games like Warcraft 3 where you can order multiple commands (by holding Shift f.e.), that your units then execute in order
    • I imagine that for example in a situation where you want troops to flank the enemy, that if you plan that and give the orders before fighting (First move there, then charge) that you can then participate way better in the fight yourself
  • Custom Groups for Troops
    • I really like that your Troops are categorized in three Groups by Default and therefore are controllable indivudually, I think it would be even cooler to have the ability to put every single unit in a group yourself before you go into a fight.
    • For Example I take the beginning of the Game, where you only have a few troops and mostly only Infantry. Here it would be really cool to separate them into two equally big infantry groups, to act more tactically smart (for example half flanks)
    • Maybe a good way to handle that is to have the three existing Groups by Default and if the Player decides to create custom groups, only them exist
So far about my Suggestions to the current Battle Command System. If this is not wanted for a technical, a game design related or any other reason I would be happy if you could explain that here.

PS: I know you have a lot to do right now, maybe you could look into this at a future time

Best Greetings
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