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[SUGGESTION] Governor functionality

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There was a post on Steam about using Companions as Governors feeling lackluster
( https://steamcommunity.com/app/261550/discussions/0/2293968408158392630/ )

Someone asked that I post my my thoughts over here on the TW forum in the hopes that the Devs would see it.

My suggestion is that the player's governors will, at some point, function like A.I. governors and form their own party to patrol their lands. This would make governor companions feel less "wasted".


Really liking this idea, would be a nice way to help keep bandit infestations and such in check in an area without having to manually go around all the time killing bandits with your main party (and would ofc be with the downside of that companion not be able able to roam around the whole map, helping in armies and being a nice fighter in your main party etc.)


They just really need to implement in like viking conquest and I guess warband has where you can tell your other parties in your clan what to do. Tell them to patrol around a certain town and such. Unsure why they didn't put in party management.
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