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Suggestion for better indication of available focus points and attribute points

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When a companion may be levelled up, I would like the exclamation mark to be set above the Character Tab's icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. When I click that icon and open the drop-down list over companions, I would like to see the orange symbol in the list to the right of the companion that may be levelled up. This is how it works for perks today. (You might decide on a different colour for levelling up, but orange will do fine.)


Can you define "When a companion may be levelled up" for me? Do you mean "free focus and attribute points" since players don't really level up in BL? Or do you mean when the level up bar is %90 full but I don't see a benefit with that information.


I'm wondering, could we get the option of just "jumping" from an upgradeable character to the next? Through a simple button much like the one used to navigate from one character's sheet to the next.

This would make managing medium/big clans a much smoother experience!
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