Suggestion for a change to how ramming the main gate works

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I think in sieges it it would work a lot better if the defenders were not able to open the gate when it is currently being rammed by the battering ram. So they would actually have to sally out to handle the people manning it or attack them with ranged weapons.

As it is currently the defenders just leave the gate open so you can't destroy it with the ram and then fight in the gateway, closing the gate whenever a couple of attackers come in. While this is happening the defenders have plenty of opportunity to destroy the ram with rocks from above while you are unable to actually destroy the gate with it.

What does everyone think?


I don't think that this is unbalanced.
The defenders can delay the breaking of the gate this way but only at the cost of having their front gate open. And if they close it in front of the attackers, guess what: It's ramming time. Most of the time i see defenders open the gate it is for the purpose of sallying out and destroying the ram.And if they don't sally out then just close the gate yourself and continue ramming.


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I think it really shouldn't be balanced that way, there surely has to be a better solution. The ram seems to be quite useless most of the time, which really doesen't justify the efford to push it to the front gate. Opening the front gate to render a ram useless just doesent make any sense and feels like bug using instead of a somewhat realistic siege fight. Its like a thief trying to break into a door with a lockpick, someone opens the door for him and the thief has to wait until its closed again to get in, thats just plain stupid..


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I would prefer some hold mechanic like in warband instead of the single button press. sure you can open the gate to prevent damage but then it takes a few seconds to close it again. in other words make it riskier to open the gate while attackers are in front of it.


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Maybe once the ram is against the gate, it can’t be opened anymore, but the defenders can brace against it to reduce the damage it takes and make it last longer?
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